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June 29, 2014
Hello and welcome to the inaugural issue of forageda bi-weekly collection of delightful finds from across the internet, curated by morel, a multi-disciplinary creative studio. From the quirky to the beautiful, these are stories and projects that in some way inform our work. We look at a LOT of different things and we’d like to share as we go along. Hopefully you’ll enjoy some of our finds and if you discover something you like and want to keep receiving issues, subscribe hereHappy foraging.


The CanAm Collection

In hono(u)r of both Canada Day and Independence Day this week, we have culled some of our most patriotic iPhonography from both sides of the border. May your BBQs be tasty and your fireworks bright.

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The Story Gets Us Every Time


The last USA World Cup game versus Germany started with this short trailer intro narrated by (Canadian) Keifer Sutherland. The simple, emotional concept, wonderfully executed had us fist-pumping and wishing we owned American flag paraphernalia. 

Full disclosure, we’re not soccer fans. But the World Cup has totally pulled us in. We love a good story and we root for the underdogs so it only makes sense that we’ve found ourselves chanting USA in our local pub the last few games as they faced the foreboding ‘Group of Death’. It started weeks ago with the introduction of reluctant hero and head coach Jurgen Klinsmann, who won us over when he said “Soccer in a certain way reflects the culture of the country.” His approach is not just to build a soccer team but to identify the team dynamic of this group of men and what they represent.  In essence, how does the USA play soccer?  We’re in. We’ve drunk the Kool-Aid and we want to see how the story ends. 


The Meaning Generator

Chaos fractures belief. The market becomes fear. A dream understands loss. The Meaning Generator gave us lots to think about this week. The beautiful site by Osk Studio is part of the campaign for director David Michôd's new post-apocalyptic film The Rover and can only be described as big: big photos, big text, big impact. It's the kind of experience we would go back to weekly, if not daily, for a moment of contemplation. God confuses the collapse. Nobody heals necessity. Bewildered yet? We are too. But somehow, we're still hooked. And importantly, we want to see the movie.

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This Is What I See Through My Window


The digital magazine Matter was just re-designed and re-launched as part of Medium. Recently, we were on a storytelling panel with Matter's co-founder, Jim Giles, who talked about following your passion, doing what you love and not expecting to get paid for it. And that's not lip service: you can tell that Matter is a labor of love that is both maintaining its authenticity and continuing to grow its audience. If you get a chance, you should read the mission statement. It's genuinely awesome. The new Editor in Chief Mark Lotto (previously of GQ) writes: "We'll explore ideas that start or end conversations, that have meaning and impact, that change minds. We'll try to show you thinks that aren't just shareable, but memorable. We'll try not to screw up, but sometimes we will. (Sorry about that, in advance.)" With that kind of manifesto, it's hard to say no.

And they are highlighting a range of content. One article that stood out was an
unusual piece featuring photographs by Hye-Ryoung Min. Min spent hours staring out windows, taking pictures of passersby. It could be because we spend a lot of time in cafes people-watching, but there is something quietly lovely about the cast of neighborhood characters we get introduced to and how their stories are wove in with the photographer's. It's both personal and impersonal at the same time.  




"Sometimes a nice big hit of randomness is just the ticket."

Douglas Coupland, visual artist and author
from Slogans for the 21st Century


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