AVF Newsletter - December 2015  

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For the first newsletter of 2016, we'd like to start by thanking everyone for their involvement in the vertical farming movement. People are the lifeblood of the movement, and we are honored to work shoulder by shoulder with all of you.

This month we'd like to highlight:



Is it human nature to build upwards?  

AVF 2016 Strategy


A new year always heralds an updated strategy. In compliance with what was discussed at the annual meeting, the AVF will focus on 4 pillars:

  1. 1) Public Awareness trough social media, newsletter, conferences and summits.
  2. 2) Education via workshops and the upstart of the e-learning platform.
  3. 3) Industry Development via lobbying, standardization and events
  4. 4) The development of sustainability certification

Website and Forum Changes

The AVF website has been updated to be more useful and interactive with our community. Most of the changes are subtle and are to improve use, yet here are some of the most important change that was made:
The introduction of the AVF-forum

So if you haven't already, register on the website, post your questions and join the conversation. 


AVF Summit and Greentech 2016

In June, Amsterdam will be the center of the Vertical Farming world.                       

On the 13th, the AVF-summit is happening with the subject being: Vertical Farming & Circular Economy. Dickson Despommier envisioned the Vertical Farm as a very important part in a healthy and resilient city that works as an ecosystem. Applying the circular economy just might be the way to do that.

The day after, from the 14th till the 16th of June, GreenTech is happening. This is the most important global exhibition and meeting place for horticultural experts. And at GreenTech, AVF is hosting the very first Vertical Farming pavilion. So book your tickets, prepare your presentations, and print your business cards because this is going to be a big deal.

Fresno Workshop - sold out

The next Collaborative Vertical Farming workshop is almost here. On February 5th and 6th, three multidisciplinary teams will compete to design a unique vertical farm.

And although the teams for the workshop are full, you're still able to go see and hear the results, and a speech by the one and only only patriarch of vertical farming: Dr. Dickson Despommier.

VF Project Groups

In order to increase international collaboration in the field of Vertical Farming, the AVF is starting up Project Groups (PG's) that are open for everyone to join. Below, you can find the first PG's and the person to contact.

Project Group PR: Are you interested in marketing and promoting vertical farming through social media, this newsletter, videos, blog posts and other possibilities, than this project group is for you (contact Zjef Van Acker -


Project Group VF-sustainability: The opening paper on how to promote sustainable VF'ing though certification was such a success that the AVF is encouraging this to be developed further (contact Henry Gordon-Smith -


Project Group E-learning: Getting experts in Vertical Farming is of utmost importance to developing this industry. Want to get the knowledge out there via the internet, join this PG (contact Andrew Carter -


Project Group white paper: The yearly white paper is to inform and educate about the vertical farming movement, market, developments, trends and future prospects. If you are interested in researching the global movement and conducting interviews with the international movers and shakers in vertical farming - contact Howard Brin (

Project Group EU-PA: Vertical farming is very new, and so is its legislation. From Brussels, where most of the EU institutions are located, the AVF is representing the industry to inform and educate decision makers on how handle vertical farming (contact Christine Zimmerman-loessl -

The Great Vertical Farming Survey

To complete the first global vertical farming white paper, your story and opinion are important. They will have a great impact on how the history of the movement is written. The survey will take approximately 5 - 7 minutes to complete and all personal information will be kept in the strictest confidentiality.

Fill out the Survey - CLICK HERE

If you have any inquiries or are interested in providing interviews for the white paper, please contact Howard Brin at

AVF is Hiring


Spread the word: the AVF is hiring talented people who can add to the vertical farming movement. 

  • AVF Office Manager (Munich, Germany)
  • AVF Project Manager (New York, USA)
  • Internship on Certification for Vertical Farming, AVF (New York, USA)

As always, you can check the AVF Careers Portal to stay fully up to date with all openings.

Element14 VF Challenge Winners


Congratulations to the the winners of Element 14's Vertical Farming Design Challenge:

1. José Marques of Portugal (winner)
2. Michael Radcliffe of the United Kingdom
3. James O’Donnell of the United States

This was the first international Vertical Farming design challenge ever and we were thrilled to see the number of participants and the quality of their projects. Click here to see what the winners did to earn their accolades.

Career Opportunities in Vertical Farming 


It can be very tough to find talented and hardworking people with Vertical farming expertise. At the AVF Careers Portal, opportunities and job request are gathered in order to bring experts and companies together.

  • Grower/Farm manager, (New York City, USA)
  • AVF Office Manager, AVF (Munich, Germany)
  • AVF Project Manager, AVF (New York City, USA)
  • Internship on Certification of Vertical Farming, AVF (New York, USA)
  • VF-Study Assistant with German Aerospace Center (Bremen, Germany)
  • Engineer, Blue Planet Consulting (New York, USA)
  • Design/Communications with Agrilution (Munich, Germany)
  • LED Research Internship with HAS University (Netherlands)
  • Greenhouse manager apprenticeship (New York, USA)
  • Developer: Full-time job with Agrilution (Munich, Germany) 
  • Team Lead: Full-time job with Local Roots Farms (Los Angeles, USA)
  • Team Associate: Full-time job with Local Roots Farms (Los Angeles, USA)
  • Plant Scientist: Full-time job with Local Roots Farms (Los Angeles, USA)
  • General Manager: Full time job with Local Roots Farms (Los Angeles, USA)

Changemakers in the Spotlight


Jessica Schilke and Mark Freeman have been named this month's Changmakers for being the driving force behind Microsoft's vertical farming efforts. Click here to read the exclusive interview which discusses how their program, The Ingredient Revolution, has grown into an urban farming operation with 15 different growing locations. The piece also hints at what is coming next for Microsoft in the vertical farming industry. 

Our newest members

More and more people and organisations understand that in order to solve the global challenges, we need global cooperation. The AVF is its members, and the members are the AVF. So reach out and welcome the newest members in our thriving international Movement.
Craft Agro

The AVF is thrilled to have CRAFT Agro joining our ranks. CRAFT, which stands for Center for Research in Alternative Farming Technologies, is the very first Indian AVF-member. India will be a critical player in the global development of sustainable vertical farming and we are glad to welcome Craft to the network of international changemakers. They are involved in hydroponics, aquaponics, organic, urban and vertical farming.

Growlabs is a German company with a product that can come right into your home or business. They make silver coated seed tents that breeders enthusiastically love. Their tents have a high capacity, a robust base, they allow for visibility, and they repel insects.  

Join the AVF

Three reasons of the month to join the AVF
  • Be able to join workshops, meetings and conferences all over the world, around the topic of VF.
  • Connect with Vertical Farming consultants and technology companies.
  • Thrive on a synergetic community of vertical farming advocates.
AVF at the vertical Farming conference in Bangalore, India
Click Here to Join the AVF

The AVF Agenda


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Thank you for reading the newsletter and thank you for all your hard work planting seeds for the future. If you have ideas for future newsletters please contact us trough info@vertical-farming. 

This newsletter was written and designed by:
Zjef Van Acker (Ghent, Belguim)
Andrew Blume (LA, California)

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