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AVF Newsletter - September 2015 

Hello <<First Name>>,
International collaboration brings a lot of challenges and it is very easy for confusion and misunderstanding to arise. However, when differences seem to take away your fortitude, remember that your cellphone now, has more computer power than all of NASA back in 1969, when they put two astronauts on the moon.

In this month's newsletter you'll find:

Oyster mushroom or Pleurotus ostreatus - don't need a lot of light and are natural waste recylcers

A great Vertical Farming opportunity

Creighton university is selling/leasing their hospital, located in Omaha (USA). It's is an interesting opportunity because Creighton University prefers buyers who want to maintain the building and do something sustainable with it. Vertical Farming, of course, fits that picture. And because of that, Creighton University is willing to be flexible with the sale/lease of the building.

The building vacates spring 2017, so don't miss this opportunity and contact

Senior Vice Presiden cbre-mega Commercial Real Estate   
+1 402 697 5861


Senior Associate
+1 402 697 5850 

Element14 and Vertical Farming

For those of you who don't know it yet, the first international Vertical Farming challenge is happening right now. 15 contestants are eagerly building their indoor farm systems with following requirements: Environmental monitoring, watering and feeding system, greater growing surface, energy monitoring and data collection.
Click here to follow the detailed progress of the 15 participants.

An Important upcoming Event

A new NYC Agriculture Collective has formed and the AVF is proud to be a founding member. Collective members agree to collaborate on one of more of the following: recruiting, marketing, policy, and data transparency. And for their first major collaboration, they're organizing the NYC AgTech Week - a week of urban agriculture tours, demos, lectures, and a locavore dinner. All happening from October 12th untill 17th.

To find out more about the members of the Collective and details of the Agtech Week, visit or their Facebook page at

Email: with inquiries 

The New UK regional manager 


As of September 2015, Mark Horler is the AVF regional manager for the United Kingdom. A couple of years ago, Mark saw the potential in Vertical Farming to revitalize run down areas in a genuinely sustainable way. He spent two years travelling around the UK, talking to experts and projects, which resulted in a book and then a campaign, both known as Regrowth (check out his website and buy his book here). From there, he came into contact with the AVF and the rest, as they say, is history!
Connect with Mark trough

Our newest members

The AVF-Movement keeps on growing, this month a lot of individuals joined, but also Five fantastic businesses. Reach out and welcome them to our thriving international family.
Foody Vertical Garden

Foody Vertical Garden is an American company that focuses on creating a portable gardening alternative by incorporating the efficiency of vertical farming.  The Growing Tower can be used both indoors and outdoors and some models come with a automatic drive system to allow for maximum light saturation. They are even used at the Microsoft employee cafe to provide fresh salad greens.  So wether to start a vertical garden of your own or create fresh and healthy produce for your business, Foody Vertical Garden has got you covered.
Agroinnovations is a blog and podcast that provides information on the emerging technologies, political atmosphere and regenerative ecosystems that pertains to sustainable and organic agriculture. Frank Aragona is both host and producer for Agroinnovations, he has a Masters in Forestry and has worked in the community for nearly 14 years in many sustainable environments.

Aponix is a German company that developed a vertical aeroponic growing device.  They have currently created both a hanging and standing version that can be used for both individual and commercial use. Aponix is at this stage looking for feedback on their systems and are looking for experts who want to try out their system.
New'rban view

New'rban view is a French company based in Paris. They work around Urban Agriculture and Circular economy, providing Architecture & Planning services as well as Consulting. In the beginning of 2015, Vincent Fresquet (founder of New'rban view) published this very interesting paper on the recent developments in Vertical Farming - A must read.
Total Grow lights, a company from Holland, Michigan (USA) started as an ofshoot from Venntis® in order to specialize in the areas of research and development, design and assembly in the electronics realm. Total Grow lights deliver a high quality light spectrum for optimal plant growth using Solid State Volumetric Lighting (SSVL), a next generation light emitting diode technology. 

AVF's Changemaker in the Spotlights

AVF's Changemaker in the spotlights - Stuart Lambie (Grodan)

Opportunities in the wonderous world of Vertical Farming

Looking to make your mark in this new and emerging vertical farming industry? Check out the AVF Careers Portal on which our members post exciting new opportunities.


  • Greenhouse manager apprenticeship (New York, USA)
  • Developer: Full-time job with Agrilution (Munich, Germany) 
  • Team Lead: Full-time job with Local Roots Farms (Los Angeles, USA)
  • Team Associate: Full-time job with Local Roots Farms (Los Angeles, USA)
  • Plant Scientist: Full-time job with Local Roots Farms (Los Angeles, USA)
  • General Manager: Full time job with Local Roots Farms (Los Angeles, USA)
  • Research & Analyses intern with the Association for Vertical Farming
  • Volunteer with the Association for Vertical Farming

Join the AVF

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  • Find career or internship opportunities
  • Improve and share research and development
  • Strengthen political influence and encourage the implementation of VF worldwide
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