AVF Newsletter #6 - June 2015 

Hello <<First Name>>,
We are proud to announce that the AVF is doing extremely well. Your unceasing support has lead to a rapid expansion of the AVF-team. With even more motivated & enthusiastic people, more interesting projects and events are coming your way. We are very grateful for this and we will keep on working with an unwavering eagerness to add value to our members and to foster the sustainable development of the Vertical Farming industry.
And there's even more good news, the quarterly newsletter has transformed into a monthly one. So you'll be kept up to date more frequently about the ongoings in the AVF and the rest of the Vertical Farming world.

In this month's newsletter you'll find:

A Vertical Farming Design Challenge

Our Friends at challenge you to build a Vertical Indoor Farm that is a true IoT solution. It has to be as sustainable as possible and has to include;
  • Environmental monitoring (light, temperature, humidity)
  • A watering and feeding system
  • A greater growing surface than the overall agricultural footprint
  • Monitoring of energy and overall consumption of power
The deadline to join the challenge is July 17th, thereafter 15 participant will be selected that will receive a building kit. There are a lot of prizes to be won, and in our opinion the most awesome prize of all is a donation to the AVF in the winners-name.


Element14 Vertical Farming Design Challenge

The AVF Social Media Intern Change

For over 9 months Francois Cramer has been providing you with Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn updates on the ins and outs of the Vertical Farming world. He has done this effortlessly and we hope you enjoyed his input greatly. It is for certain that we have not seen the last of Francois and to conclude his time as a Social Media intern, he wrote the following nice words.

Working as an intern for the AVF for almost a year was an experience I absolutely loved. I was thrilled that Henry and Max decided to welcome me in the AVF-team, and from the first day on I felt inspired to contribute to an exciting organization.

I learned a ton by honing my social media skills, understanding the impact these tools can have on an organization and how it can contribute to a growing community such as AVF. I also learned about the vertical farming subject matter itself: hydroponics, aquaponics, aeroponics, indoor farming/ag, and even food security and supply.
This went beyond the theory they taught me in class, extending to case studies and even visiting projects in New York to learn hands on about what it takes to make such ideas come to life and scale them up.

I also discovered a global community. One I hope to explore more closely after finishing my Master’s in Sustainability Management from Columbia University in May 2016. My wife and I are planning a six month world tour to visit sustainability projects and volunteer – so if any AVF members need extra hands, let me know!

As a last note, I would like to thank Henry for taking a chance on me and being such an inspiring boss and mentor every step of the way. Hope we’ll have a chance to work together again soon.

– Francois Cramer


We our proud to introduce you to our new social media intern: Xiaxi Qiu. She grew up in China, attended college in the USA, became an architect and traveled around during and after that. 
She says that all these experiences made her rethink the social issues of the community she grew up in. Xiaxi Qui is inspired by the idea of Vertical Farming and she believes that it is a great approach to tackle many of the existing social issues resulting from Urbanization in China. And she is not stopping yet, while being the new AVF social media intern,
 she'll be attending Architectural Association school of architecture in London.

In her own opinion she says that she is very lucky to be a part of the AVF-team. Something we of course like to hear. Welcome on board Xiaxi Qui!!!

Our newest members

As mentioned earlier: Things are going great. Nine new organisations and 14 individuals joined forces in fostering the sustainable growth and the development of the Vertical Farming industry. Reach out to them and welcome them to our thriving international family.

Scatil is a Hong Kong based Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) company. They provide the Urban Area of Hong Kong with clean, safe and high quality food by using groundbreaking Japanese vertical hydroponics technology.
Keystone Technology

Keystone Technology is a Japanese company that specializes in Plant Factories with Artificial Lighting (PFAL). With their technology they want to help solve desertification, global warming and the food crisis because of population growth.
Agro Strategies

Agro strategies is a Uruguayan based investment and advisory company. They greatly improve operations in areas like Vertical Farming, dairy & beef feed production & logistics. Agro strategies provides critical solutions which include optimized growing mediums, specialized lighting, automation solutions, as well as packaging, irrigation and environmental controls.


Heliospectra specializes in intelligent lighting technologies for plant research and greenhouse cultivation. Founded in 2006 in Götenborg (Sweden), they now also have a trans-Atlantic branch in San Francisco (USA).

Wonitrol seems like a stranger in our midst, as they are an ecological minded company that specializes in fixing cars and painting almost everything. Yet, Wonitol plans on building a Vertical Farm. A very interesting Belgian company to follow.


Wiley is an Australian company that offers solutions for your complex food projects. They have the power to offer a complete suite of services in advice, design, engineering, construction and project delivery. Wiley is a multidisciplinary technical service company with a reputation for honesty, integrity, quality, innovation and flexibility.
Local Roots

Local Roots is a Los Angeles (USA) based company that has great plans to provide everyone with fresh, healthy and affordable locally grown produce. After 1 year of R&D in the drought stricken California, they are now selling their food, grown in re-purposed shipping containers. Keep an eye on them because according to our careers-page, Local Roots is planning to expand rapidly.

Hungry Planet Technology

Hungry Planet Technology, from Texas, designs and manufactures custom-spec LED lighting and farming automation equipment specialized for Vertical Farming. Next to that they also have great experience with IT-solutions, farm design, economic modeling and plant growth trials.
Food 3.0 - Texas A&M Agrilife Research

Food 3.0 is a project by Texas A&M Agrilife research and extension. They want to create more sustainable agricultural technologies that provide very high productivity but require very low input. Three key objectives are used to reach this goal: eliminating product losses, drastically reducing non renewable inputs and optimizing plants for low input production.

Opportunities in the wonderous world
of Vertical Farming


Looking to make your mark in the sustainability industry? Excited by the emerging field of vertical farming? Check out the AVF Careers Portal on which our members post exciting new opportunities.

  • Developer: Full-time job with Agrilution (Munich, Germany) 
  • Team Lead: Full-time job with Local Roots Farms (Los Angeles, USA)
  • Team Associate: Full-time job with Local Roots Farms (Los Angeles, USA)
  • Plant Scientist: Full-time job with Local Roots Farms (Los Angeles, USA)
  • General Manager: Full time job with Local Roots Farms (Los Angeles, USA)
  • Summer internship with Agritecture (New York City)
  • Designer: Volunteer with the Association for Vertical Farming

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  • Strengthen political influence and encourage the implementation of VF worldwide
  • Take part in VF events and conferences
  • Learn more about VF and stay up to date with the rapidly evolving industry
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The AVF Agenda

November 21, 2015
Agritecture design workshop
 London, United Kingdom

March 26, 2016
Food, energy & water nexus
 Washington, USA

June 14-16, 2016
GreenTech Amsterdam 2016, Vertical Farming Pavilion
 Amsterdam, Netherlands

June 17-18, 2016
AVF Summit 2016 Amsterdam, Netherlands
 Amsterdam, Netherlands

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