Day 6: List your values
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Day 6: List your values 

Now that you know a bit about Trustees, Councilors and the Mayor, let’s take a moment to think about what your personal values are, and how you want to see those values reflected in the candidates you will vote for.
Take a deep breath and limber up – today’s challenge is going to be a tough workout.
Here are some potential questions to get you started:
What is important to you? What policies do you think school boards should implement, what type of person do you think would be best to bring those policies forward.
What about for your ward? Where do you want to see your ward in 4 years?  What type of person will get you there? What do you want to see for your city? How do you feel about taxes? What do you want for them and how much will you pay for them?
Would you pay more for extra days of service for garbage pickup, would you pay more to have a green recycling program like in Guelph? Do you think we pay too much for garbage? Would you like a “pay as you go” system for garbage where you buy tags? Do you like the current system? Do you think the allotted number of bags is too many or too few?
How do you picture London in 4 years?  What, if anything do you think is currently lacking?
Write down how you envision your ward your city. Write down any concerns you have and how you would like to see the resolved. Also prioritize your concerns. For example where would you like to see spending go in order of importance to you (eg. Infrastructure, Garbage Removal, Library Services, Police & Fire, Tourism, development incentives) 
How do you want to see this City grow? - Up or out, or not at all? Would you want to subsidize any of this growth?
What qualities do you feel a leader should have?  Is there anything that for you would make a person unelectable?
We know it is a lot to think about but remember if you don't take the time and make these decisions, someone else will make these decisions for you.  Make your vote count!
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