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Newsletter for Scottish Centre for Conflict Resolution | August 2015


Back to school - a time for change

It’s August. Which means the Scottish schools are back in session. Long lies, lunchtime breakfasts and days spent hanging out with friends are a distant memory. August is a time of change. It’s important to remember nothing stays the same for ever. If things do become difficult or relationships become strained there are some things you can do to make things a bit easier for each other.

If you’re a parent or carer
“School” and everything that goes along with this – friendships, homework, staying out, and “the future” can be really stressful for everyone. Talk to your young person, show them you care and want to understand. Let them know you are there while also giving them a bit of space to figure things out.
If you’re a young person
There can be so much going on with school, expectations, new situations, it can be stressful for everyone. Your family are probably worried about you. Talk to them explain what’s going on and what you need from them to make things a bit easier. Remember school might have changed quite a bit since they were there! So help them to understand.

What other things can we do to make conversation about school and the future a bit easier? If you know someone struggling with “school” or “The Future” get in touch!

From the blog

Dealing with my childhood anger - life lessons from a martial arts champion


14 August 2015

New guest blog by Raz Chan, Best selling author, speaker and personal impact coach, shares his own story of growing up with conflict...

"I would bury my head underneath my covers, hoping it would stop..."

Raz shares the lessons he has learnt and practical tips for nurturing parent/child relationships.

How do we ensure that conflict/disagreements/anger doesn't affect our lives long term and the relationships without families? What lessons have other people leant?

Share your thoughts with us via our forum, Facebook or Twitter pages

From the forum

Chatter in the Community

We’re talking about ….

“The lessons we learn”  

  • How do we ensure that conflict/ disagreements/ anger doesn't affect our lives long term and the relationships with our families? What lessons have we learnt?

“Motivation to change”

  • What motivates you to change or move on?

“Exam results disappointment, stress and arguing”

  • How do we manage the stress if we don’t get the results we have hoped for?

Last month the forum received 342 views with those benefiting from you sharing your knowledge, ideas and life experiences.


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@SoHKCharity - Motivated to change or move on, tell us about it at:



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#YouthDay -- empowering young people to contribute to society, development and peace

Upcoming events

Spaces still remaining!

Open Training Session Dundee - October 14 2015

Understand, Communicate and Resolve -
An Aid to Conflict Resolution


The subject of conflict resolution is vast; however, this training identifies generic core elements that individuals, irrespective of their role, will benefit from. The training will give participants the opportunity to reflect on and understand some of the dynamics of conflict within relationships. The training supports the overall aim of the SCCR - to reduce the risk of youth homelessness through reducing family conflict.

Who is it for?

Staff who work with families , as well as young people and parents.

What does it cover?

The training session will allow participants to review and explore the following

Benefits of attending the training include networking with like-minded individuals, peer education, refreshing, complimenting existing knowledge and skills, gaining additional knowledge and learning.

Open Training Session Edinburgh - Scottish Mental Health First Aid - November 21 2015 


This training is facilitated by experienced mediator, counsellor and mental health qualified social worker Alison Ebbitt. SMHFA: YP was developed to meet the increasing demand for a similar type approach for adults who support or care for young people aged between 11 and 17. 

SMHFA: YP is a 14-hour blended course which is designed to support all adults to recognise mental health problems and provide guidance and immediate assistance to a young person in crisis. SMHFA: YP was launched in 2013.

Who is it for?

Open to anyone with an interest in understanding mental health, young people and frontline staff working to support young people with mental health issues.

Quotation mark

The facilitator [has] excellent knowledge and experience in the field -- created optimal learning environment. Used practical examples; engaged and drew answers and engagement from us all.

open session training attendee
Understand, Communicate and Resolve - Aberdeen
19 August 2015


FREE EDINBURGH SEMINAR - Parenting, conflicts and mindfulness


This FREE SEMINAR is facilitated by experienced yoga practitioner and mediator Githa Overton. 'Parenting, conflicts and mindfulness' offers an opportunity to try out simple yet effective techniques to start us on the road to mindful parenting. Attendees will have the opportunity to share and deepen understanding of how mindfulness can be useful in their lives, and especially in those messy chaotic and difficult moment in relationships. 

Seminar details:
The Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre - Edinburgh
Friday, 23rd October 2015
09:30 - 13:00

Learning outcomes
- develop an understanding of mindfulness
- explore the benefits of mindfulness or the ability to create spaciousness in our minds, in particular during moments of conflict with children
- gain direct experience of techniques for practising mindfulness
- identify personalised ways of integrating mindfulness into your daily life


Duncan's Diary: the life of an SCCR Trainer

After a relative quiet July, August has sprung the SCCR back into action with travels to Glasgow, Motherwell, Fife and Aberdeen. Our In-House session have been hosted by the School of Hard Knocks, Barnardos ad Fife Council (West Fife ICS team). Our Aberdeen Open session proved to be one of the best sessions to date with an interesting group of attendees either coming from or who had worked in different countries: Switzerland, Russia, Nigeria, Borneo, Canada and Germany to name a few. One attendee had even worked with the rain forest tribes in Borneo - wow! The session was great and refreshingly different with discussions about cultural attitude and language related to preventing conflict within relationships. 100% of open session attendees agreed the training will help them to make changes in the way they manage conflict.

Duncan Gordon, SCCR Trainer

"very useful for anyone dealing with people in all walks of life. It helps one to think before acting when a situation arises
Aberdeen Open session attendee


The SCCR can also deliver free conflict resolution training in house to young people, their families and the organisations or groups who work with them, and we are keen to work in partnership with others.

If you are interested in hosting a training event or have an idea for a seminar, local event or blog, please do get in touch! You can email us at or call us on 0131 475 4493.


Action for Children - Fifth of Scottish parents feel lonely

New research from Action for Children has revealed one in five parents in Scotland feel lonely and isolated, regularly feeling cut off from friends and other sources of support. The importance of having a support network to rely on was also highlighted by parents, with more than half (57%) saying it's particularly important to have friends who are also parents.

At the SCCR we deliver events including training, workshops and seminars to bring parents together to share their experiences and meet other like-minded people. To complement events the SCCR also has a dynamic and innovative website including “Ask a Mediator Facility” and a discussion platform for parents to join a virtual community and feel part of something. Got a question or need someone to talk to? Get in touch.

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