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Newsletter for Scottish Centre for Conflict Resolution | September 2015


Lessons from my Grandfather

On 24th September the SCCR had the pleasure of attending a public talk by Arun Ghandi, the 5th grandson of legendary Indian leader Mohandas K. ‘Mahatma’ Gandhi.

Arun Gandhi was born in 1934 in South Africa. He learned from his parents and grandparents that justice does not mean revenge, it means transforming the opponent through love and compassion. While living in India at the age of 12 Arun’s life was transformed by receiving one-to-one teaching sessions from his grandfather. These lessons included how to deal with anger effectively and recognising that non-violence is not just about conflict resolution; it's about personal transformation.

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From the blog

What has mindfulness ever done for me?


18 September 2015

New guest blog by Githa Overton, yoga practitioner and mediator, shares her own story of what mindfulness means to her, especially when she became a parent.

"I had this self-identity of being someone who was mostly calm and skilful at managing difficult situations. After becoming a parent, this identity collapsed..."

Githa shares the techniques she has learnt and practical tips for parents and how to find spaciousness.

Are you finding yourself caught up in argument or a messy power struggle before you are even aware of how it got to that point? Would you prefer to prevent conflicts getting to the point where we are hurting inside and can see the hurt in another? What has mindfulness ever done for you?

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From the forum

Chatter in the Community

We’re talking about ….

“School and the future”  

  • What things can we do to make conversations about school and "the future" a bit easier?

“International Day of Charity”

  • What are the small things we can do for each other to improve our family relationships? 

“Culture and conflict”

  • Share your experience of cultural differences when trying to resolve family issues and adapting to the norms of the environment in which you live.  

Last month the forum received 692 views with those benefiting from you sharing your knowledge, ideas and life experiences.


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Top Tweet

- Ban Ki-Moon calls 'on people everywhere to volunteer and act charitably in the face of human suffering'



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Photo of the week

Anger to humans is like fuel to the automobile #peacefarmers #conflictresolution

Upcoming events

Spaces still remaining!

Open Training Session Dumfries and Galloway - November 10 2015

Understand, Communicate and Resolve -
An Aid to Conflict Resolution


The subject of conflict resolution is vast; however, this training identifies generic core elements that individuals, irrespective of their role, will benefit from. The training will give participants the opportunity to reflect on and understand some of the dynamics of conflict within relationships. The training supports the overall aim of the SCCR - to reduce the risk of youth homelessness through reducing family conflict.

Who is it for?

Staff who work with families , as well as young people and parents.

What does it cover?

The training session will allow participants to review and explore the following

Benefits of attending the training include networking with like-minded individuals, peer education, refreshing, complimenting existing knowledge and skills, gaining additional knowledge and learning.

Quotation mark

I got a lot out of [the training sessions]. I'm sure other people will. It was a very informative training course.

In House training attendee - Fuse Youth Group
Understand, Communicate and Resolve
 02 September 2015




Resolution Through Yoga - West Lothian, 19th November
Ever wondered why you reacted the way you did to a throw away statement? How many of us pause, reflect and ask ourselves ‘why’ to prevent the same reaction again? Not many of us….we are all busy and sometimes we lose the connection with ourselves, what we feel, what we want, what we need. This free seminar is facilitated by
experienced mediator and yoga practitioner Natalie Young. Participants will be able to feel how the physical movement on the mat can help them mentally shift and move away from a fixed position. You will hear about the philosophy of yoga and learn how the teachings of Patanjali can be applied in your day to day life, as well as breathing some fresh air into your mediation practice! 

Externalising the Problem - Edinburgh, 26th November 
Externalising the problem is a creative, narrative approach developed by the Australian narrative and family therapist, Michael White. Instead of seeing the problem as being ‘in’ a person, he chose to see it as ‘between’ people. This creative exploration helped people to enter a more hopeful space with fresh possibilities, and to find different ways to understand and solve their problems together. This FREE seminar will be facilitated by Karen Holford, a qualified and experienced family therapist and trainer.

Interested in facilitating a seminar for us? Please get in touch at


Duncan's Diary: the life of an SCCR Trainer

This month saw me on holiday in the sun for a few days however I managed to travel to South Lanarkshire, Shettleston, Dundee, Inverness, Nairn and back to Edinburgh to deliver sessions. For South Lanarkshire Council it was my third visit as part of their staff development programme, the same for the City of Edinburgh Council staff in which staff from housing, education, community development and social work all benefited. The Fuse café, in Shettleston hosted a session and offered the training out to the community, which was a first for the SCCR but proved it can be done in a collaborative way. It would be good to have more of these types of events. In Dundee it was the ADHD service that hosted a parent session, a great service which is much needed to support these families. Our Open session in Inverness was good day attended by a majority of social work staff and all were great and contributed well. In Nairn Academy we held a parents session and those who did attend enjoyed and benefited from it. All in all September, proved to be busy but good month all round.

Duncan Gordon, SCCR Trainer

"Great course. I highly recommend it to anyone." 
Fuse Youth Group attendee


The SCCR can also deliver free conflict resolution training in house to young people, their families and the organisations or groups who work with them, and we are keen to work in partnership with others.

If you are interested in hosting a training event or have an idea for a seminar, local event or blog, please do get in touch! You can email us at or call us on 0131 475 4493.


Happy Birthday Amber!

This month saw the 9th birthday of Cyrenians service Amber Mediation. Established in 2007 Amber mediation service works with young people and families to help them rebuild communication and restore relationships. It is through their amazing work that the idea for the Scottish Centre for Conflict Resolution was born. Here's to another great year of all the work they do.

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