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A Word On Data Protection
New European data protection rules are about to come into effect, and they matter wherever you are. Youth Ag-Summit host Simon Pampena provides a handy explanation for why this matters for anyone connected with our community – please take a look! 
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Dear Agvocate,

Wherever we are in the world, the beauty of nature surrounds us. We are all united in relying on Mother Earth for a wealth of biodiversity that has supplied us with a steady food source for millions of years. But with natural resources under pressure, can our planet sustain up to ten billion people in future? 

In this edition of the Agvocate Aggregator, and in the run-up to Earth Day on April 22nd, we’re shining a spotlight on how the people behind our food systems are adapting to challenges of a precarious world. If you’re feeling inspired, why not share the landscapes that make you care about protecting our planet? Whether it’s the view from your tractor, a favorite weekend getaway spot or just a place on your bucket list, tweet us your pictures using the hashtag #MyEarthWonder and help promote the lesser-known wonders of the world. 

  • Find out how agroforestry could hold the key to restoring cocoa farmer livelihoods in West Africa, by reversing deforestation in tropical rainforests and regenerating soil health.
  • The Amazon is home to an incredible 10% of our biodiversity…but Planet Earth’s largest rainforest might be on track to lose over half its plants and wildlife by the end of the century. That’s the alarming conclusion drawn by a new report on biodiversity – read more.
  • This National Geographic article focuses on taro root, or kalo – a plant that has been fundamental to the Hawaiian diet and culture for centuries, but whose future is uncertain. 
  • Will our Earth be capable of feeding 10 billion people? Time is ticking and we need to find out soon, as The Atlantic highlights. 
  • Rooftops, balconies and walls - will these urban vegetable gardens ensure we grow enough food in a climate-changed world? Al Jazeera has the story
For young researchers with an innovative idea to feed a growing global population, the Bayer Foundation’s Jeff Schell Scholarship offers financial support to bring their ideas to life, wherever they’re located.  Read on to find out what some of this year’s cohort have been up to, and watch this space for news coming soon about how you can get involved.  
Beyond the stars
Looking beyond our own planet, could space hold the key to feeding future generations? That’s the goal for Canadian student and Jeff Schell scholar Connor Kiselchuk who dreams of taking part in a mission to Mars. Find out how plant scientists are already preparing for a future journey to Mars.
Protecting our forests
Viola Müller is another Jeff Schell scholar who interned in Chile for four months in the Phytosanitary division of Bioforest on pest control and forest health. There, she discovered a world where innovation and technology are breaking ground at an amazing pace; a world where cooperation is paramount to progress. 
Poverty is everyone's business
Brazilian journalist Paulo Palma Beraldo (2017 delegate) shares what he learned covering his first UN conference at the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) in Rome. His takeaway? Fighting rural poverty is everybody's mission and the agriculture narrative needs to shift towards more positive stories. 
Imperfect Picks takes root
Building on the campaign launched at YAS 2017 to encourage consumers to look beyond appearances, our delegate Carla Espinós Estévez has launched a Spanish chapter dedicated to choosing ‘ugly’ veg at the Universitat Politècnica de València. Why not keep up to date on their progress so far on their new FacebookTwitter and Instagram page? 
Time to take action
“If something is imperfect it means that there are possibilities.” Our delegate Marlese Bester took Srinivas Rao’s words from YAS 2017 to heart. Here she explains how her experience in Brussels motivated her to strive for zero hunger in South Africa. 
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