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The Seed Corn Fund is Back!

What is a seed corn fund?

A seed corn fund is when a little bit of money is invested to generate more money.

Small community groups, like Friends groups, don't usually have the time or experience needed to make effective funding applications.

Bigger organisations often have a paid fundraiser.  Little groups don't have that luxury so it's even harder for them to access grants.

BOSF, with generous support from Birmingham City Council, want to level the playing field for Friends groups (no pun intended) by investing a little bit of money to generate more money for our parks and open spaces volunteers.

The seed corn fund enables BOSF member groups to get free help to make successful funding bids.

In 2021, with help from Get Grants,  friends groups turned the first seed corn fund of £10k into £100k of grants.  We want to do that again in 2022.

How Do We Apply?

If you would like help making an application for funding start by clicking here to tell Get Grants about your group and what you need money for.
You can apply for projects and activities, as well as purchasing things. This could include (but not limited to):
  • Small Capital – such as sheds, storage, fencing, bins, benches, allotment set-up, renovating existing structures, etc.
  • Staffing Costs – to deliver activities, coordinate projects, external facilitators, etc.
  • Equipment – gardening/conservation equipment, resources, materials, plants, sports equipment, etc.
Bear in mind that most funders won't be prepared to pay for big things that they think the council should be paying for, for example path repairs.

If you already have any costs or quotes please include them as they will be a useful starting point.

Your contact at Get Grants is Katie Stafford  


"I am very excited to be start working with lots of new groups and to catch up with groups we’ve supported in the past!"

Seed Corn Fund 2021

Here are some of the things that friends groups raised money for using the first seed corn fund;

Equipment and staff for volunteer sessions and nature walks
Equipment for litter picking
Polytunnels and raised beds
Accessible picnic tables
Festivals and events
Tai Chi classes and other activities for older people.
Youth workers

If you made a successful funding bid in 2021 we'd love to hear how your project went.
Email Sarah at

BOSF Virtual Social 22nd February 4pm

You are invited to our next Virtual BOSF Social on
Tuesday 22nd February at 4pm.

This will be back on Zoom and you can join in by clicking the following link:

Topic: BOSF Tea Time
Time: Feb 22, 2022 04:00 PM London
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Meeting ID: 848 5018 9451

We can catch up with everything happening at our sites and you can ask any questions about the Seed Corn Fund.

We look forward to seeing you online then!

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