The Giant Robot Duel is finally confirmed and scheduled!
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Mk.III Final Assembly Underway, Duel is On

MegaBots is excited to announce that the Giant Robot Duel has been confirmed and scheduled, and it has announced the date in its video here

Here are some additional details we are releasing to the press, which are not included in the video or description of the video:

  • MegaBots and Suidobashi have been under NDA until the duel was fully arranged, which is why neither side made announcements about it.
  • The original Duel venue fell through, which caused a significant scheduling delay since the original MegaBots Duel challenge video.
  • As a result of this earlier setback, the final Duel location is being kept a secret to prevent any further potential delays.
  • MegaBots and Suidobashi are putting on the fight together, and are bringing the fight to fans directly by posting the video to their YouTube and Facebook channels. 
  • The Mk.III (the next-generation robot teased in the announcement) has only been seen in pieces thus far. The Mk.III upper body can be seen picking up a car here, and a previous video showed MegaBots team members joyriding on the Mk.III tank tread base. An upcoming video will unveil the final assembled robot.  
  • The public will have a chance to see the completed Mk.III MegaBot live in the San Francisco Bay Area in May before it goes to the Duel. We will be revealing that debut information in another announcement soon.
  • Fans can expect to learn more about the Duel, the robots that are fighting in it, and the teams as more information becomes public in the next few months.
  • We cannot provide further information about Suidobashi Heavy Industry or the KURATAS robot at this time. We encourage you to follow their social media to learn what they are willing to release as public information.

Please feel free to contact us at if you have further questions or requests for interviews. We will be in touch shortly with additional information about the Mk.III MegaBot and the Giant Robot Duel!

The original Mk.III concept art.
MegaBots founders Matt Oehrlein (left) and Gui Cavalcanti (right) looking at the Mk.III upper body after it picked up and dropped a car during an initial test.
Mechanical Engineer Jon Gulko lying next to a fully-extended Mk.III leg for scale. 
Fabricator Max Maruzewski standing next to a Mk.III hip piece.
Mechanical Engineer Jon Gulko standing next to a Mk.III arm.
Fabricator Mike Gomez finalizing a chainsaw weapon for the Mk.III.
Fabrication Manager Zach Wetzel standing by the Mk.III upper body on the Tower of Death test platform for scale.
Additional images and videos may be embedded from our Instagram feed. Email interviews are available upon request. Thank you for covering MegaBots in the past, we hope to continue working with you in the future!
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