52 Faith Filled Reasons to Praise Him
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Free to praise our God.

Experience worship, experience God.

When I walk through the threshold on Sunday morning, I'm usually on cloud nine, energized, excited and ready to get my worship on. If you asked anyone that attends with me, they would confirm this.

As the music begins, I usually start with a small prayer and then something happens. 

When I lift my head, I don't see a sanctuary or worship auditorium before me. No, I see a brilliant light and there, I meet my Jesus. Every word I sing, I sing straight from my heart to his. Every time I lift my hands, I know he's holding mine back. Every note I sing off key, I know he loves, every dancing around I might do, He's smiling down at me. This is my worship. What is happening during this time is strictly between my Jesus and I- alone, though not. 

This is what my typical worship in music looks like.  I may look like a dancing fool, but I'm a fool for Jesus.

Then there are times that look very different. Times that I am just as excited to be there, just as energized, just as full of joy. But these are quieter times. I may not look the same, but my heart is no different. I am full of peace, or maybe I'm quiet in search of peace.

These times may be quiet because I'm dealing with something difficult, or I'm in need of comfort and counsel from my great Counselor. The quiet often confuses people. They become concerned, worried for me. Truth is, maybe there is need for prayer, maybe I'm just being held and loving every minute.

The point is, we have this freedom. We are free to worship him in ways that best fits us in that moment. We are all unique, our relationship with God is unique too. We are free to sing, off key, loudly, or softly. We are free to sing no words at all and just relax in quiet conversation with Him. When it comes to worshiping God, there is no wrong or right...there is only our outward expression of love and appreciation for our Heavenly Father, 

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