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July, 2017

News & Noteworthy

LA AAP Sends Letter of Concern to LA Senators

June 23, 2017 Honorable Senator Bill Cassidy 520 Hart Senate Office Building Washington DC 20510 Honorable Senator John Kennedy 383 Russell Senate Office Building Washington DC 20510 Dear Senators Cassidy and Kennedy: As the U.S. Senate plans to vote on its own health...Read


Bipartisan Governors Letter to Senate Leadership

Bipartisan Governors Letter to Senate Leadership
We want to call your attention to a letter sent Friday, June 16, to Senate leadership from a bipartisan group of seven governors, including Louisiana’s own Gov. John Bel Edwards. The letter urges the Senate leaders to prioritize implementing fixes to the marketplaces...Read

Fruit Juice in Infants, Children, and Adolescents: Current Recommendations

Although juice consumption has some benefits, it also has potential detrimental effects. High sugar content in juice contributes to increased calorie consumption and the risk of dental caries. In addition, the lack of protein and fiber in juice can predispose to inappropriate weight gain (too much or too little). Pediatricians need to be knowledgeable about juice to inform parents and patients on its appropriate uses...Read

Call for Chapter Awards nomination

Each year, the Chapter takes an opportunity to recognize exceptional members who focus their skills and passions on improving LA AAP and the health of Louisiana’s children and community. If you know a colleague that exemplifies one of the Chapter Awards below, please...Read

- Deadline to submit nominations - July 14,2017-

Submit a letter of nomination along with your name and contact information to

Member Highlights

Dr. Roberta Vicari featured in The Advocate

As Republicans continue efforts to repeal and replace the federal Affordable Care Act, Louisiana advocates say that without additional details they worry about the impact an overhaul could have on potentially thousands of families in the state...Read

Chapter in Action

Days of Action

June was a huge month for the Chapter, as we advocated for keeping Medicaid strong for children across the country. National AAP’s Days of Action encouraged every AAP Chapter, pediatrician, community leader and concerned citizen to reach out to their state’s senators and ask them to #KeepKidsCovered. LA AAP utilized this social media campaign to the fullest

Here is everything we accomplished:
  • Authored a Letter of Concern, which was sent directly to our senators. Over 2,000 people saw this letter on social media.
  • Over 5,670 viewers saw LA AAP’s posts between Facebook and Twitter.
  • Gained over 40 followers between Facebook and Twitter since the campaign started on June 15 – we are utilizing this momentum and continue to be a resource for healthcare professionals.
Thank you to every member who was also involved in this effort. It is so important to show unity during this uncertain time.

#KeepKidsCovered #DontCapMyCare




LA Office of Public Health


HPV Vaccine Rates

OPH provided LA AAP with the latest statistics on Louisiana’s HPV vaccine rates. A map and accompanying chart explains the percentage of children ages 13-17 that have completed the HPV vaccination series...Read

LA Department of Health

On June 30, the eve of the first anniversary of Medicaid Expansion in Louisiana, a Medicaid Expansion Annual Report was issued by Louisiana Department of Health.  As of Monday (June 26) more than 433,000 individuals had enrolled in Medicaid through the Expansion that began July 1, 2016, the report states.

Healthy Louisiana Informational Bulletins
  • Informational Bulletin 17-3: Open Enrollment for Healthy Louisiana Plans : The open enrollment period will began Friday, June 30 and will close Wednesday, Aug. 30 with
    enrollment changes becoming effective Oct. 1, 2017. Letters containing information on this
    process will be mailed to all members that are included in this open enrollment period.
    Read the full bulletin for details

  • Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) issued revised Informational Bulletin 16-7, “Professional Services Fluoride Varnish Program Policy,” on Tuesday , June 27.  The revised policy adds certified medical assistants to the disciplines authorized to apply the varnish.
  • Informational Bulletin 16-9, “Issue: 340B Policy Clarification,” was revised  on June 28
Find all  Informational Bulletins here

Health Plan Advisories

Find all Health Plan Advisories here

Legislative News

The 2017 Regular and Special Sessions have concluded and the Governor has begun the tasks of deciding whether to sign, veto or let lie all of the bills that made it through the legislative process. This also includes the state's operating budget bill (HB1) for fiscal year 17-18 which began July 1st.

On Tuesday (June 27), Gov. John Bel Edwards announced that he had signed the state’s operating budget for the fiscal year that starts Saturday, July 1, after line-item vetoing 4 provisions in HB 1.  Louisiana’s governor has line-item veto authority in any appropriations bill. 

Two of the line-item vetoes were in the bill’s preamble and were vetoed, he said, for improperly attempting to establish substantive law in an appropriation bill.

The two other vetoes were in the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) preamble.The first veto removed language that prohibited LDH from reducing payments for waiver services, applied behavioral analysis rates, or graduate medical education. His veto message said the language he vetoed “improperly restricts” LDH’s ability “to handle possible reductions and to properly manage its budgeted appropriation.” Also vetoed was language that prohibited LDH from reducing certain reimbursement rates for applied behavioral analysis services provided to Medicaid enrollees under a contract with LDH. “Any regulation of these managed care organizations is more appropriately handled in contractual language” with LDH, he wrote.

To see all of the instruments that have been signed or vetoed:

Bill Numbers to Acts | Act Numbers to Bills | Vetoed Bills

The LA AAP will soon be sharing a final legislative report with its membership as well. 

2017 Acadana Potpourri

When: August 18, FRI - August 20, SUN
Where: Le Pavillon / Home2Suites | Lafayette


Register | Reserve a Room

Nicholas  Algu, MD

Michael  Caffery, MD

Michael  Carver, MD

Jonathan  Chawla, MD

Evan Joseph Davis

Rosemarie  Di Peppi, DO

Jordan  Doss, MD

Lillian  Duffee, MD

Rachel  Evans

Brandon  Fairless, MD

Katherine  Greer, MD

Alexis  Guice

Mahmoud Adeeb Ahmad Hamdan

Danielle  Hatt

LaTasha  Henderson, MD

David  Lake, MD

Andrew  McKernan, MD

Cori A Morrison, MD

Mina Grace Park

Victoria  Silver, DO

Janet  Smith, MD

Maxwell  Taylor, MD

Meredith  Tremblay, MD

Mike  Tseng, MD

Melanie Claire Watt

Kimiyo Harris Williams, MD

James Hunter Wood, MD

Tat  Yau, MD

Jamie  Yeager, MD

Bradley  Hyman, DO

Tyler  Kingdon, MD

Dodanim F. Altamirano, MD 7/1

Johnnie  Clark, MD 7/2

Carmen E. Koubicek, MD 7/2

Michael Robert Brumund, MD 7/3

Rebecca  Doise, MD 7/3

Martha Haley Pope, MD 7/3

Federica  Williams,  7/3

Mandy Braud Grier, MD 7/4

Jordan Spidle Lim, MD 7/4

Gerald Brent Whitton, MD 7/4

Judith Marie Zatarain, MD 7/4

Harish C.  Anand, MD 7/5

Meade P. O'Boyle, MD 7/6

Kenneth James Cruse, MD 7/7

Alma  Cruz, MD 7/7

Louis  Trachtman, MD MPH 7/7

Thiravat  Choojitarom, MD 7/8

Shaun M. Kemmerly, MD 7/8

Rhett Farrell McLaren, MD 7/8

Dawn S Zitman, MD 7/8

Anna  Craig, MD 7/9

Nicole Anne Cervantes, MD 7/10

Richard M Doskey, MD 7/10

Gregory  Kyle Fulton, MD 7/10

Rahul  Kamat, MD 7/10

James Louis Reynolds, MD 7/10

Kortney  West, MD 7/10

Heather L Alva, MD 7/11

Mindy Leigh Calandro, MD 7/11

Patrick Jacob Cripe, MD 7/11

Toya Dewan George, MD 7/11

Chioma  Udemgba, MD 7/13

Frank Broox  Hughes, MD 7/14

Shahzad Mehmood Malik, MD 7/14

Vilasini  Rekhala, MD 7/14

Russell Wesley Steele, MD 7/14

Sarah Jane  Beck, MD 7/15

Ngoc Nicole Dinh, DO 7/15

Leslie Lyons Brown, MD 7/16

Robert E.  Feldman, MD 7/17

Katherine  Wojcicki, DO 7/17

Jordan  Doss, MD 7/18

Robert Ira Hart, MD 7/18

Jennifer Thomas Guidroz, MD 7/21

Carla Marie Black, MD 7/23

John L. Moore, MD 7/23

Andrew  McKernan, MD 7/24

Bimaljit Kaur Pangli,  7/25

Elizabeth Anne Tucker, MD 7/25

Billy D McKellar, MD 7/27

Pinki Kumari Prasad, MD 7/27

Mohamed Badi Salahi Asbahi, MD 7/28

Lauren  Boehm, MD 7/28

Stewart T Ramey, MD 7/28

Rebecca Antee Green, MD 7/29

Veronica M Thomas, MD 7/30

Emily Smith Grezaffi, MD 7/31

Samuel Alfred Hickey, MD 7/31


Acadiana Potpourri

August 18-20, 2017
Lafayette, LA


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