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March 28, 2017

LA AAP Member Highlight
Chapter Leaders Speak Out on AHCA
Welcome Match Class 2017

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LA AAP Member Highlight


Kimberly Mukerjee, MD, MPH

Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics

Director of Immigrant and Refugee Health

Tulane University School of Medicine

All pediatricians are passionate about serving children. For some of our colleges, that passion becomes very focused. Only one year out of residency, Kimberly Mukerjee M.D., M.P.H. has devoted her career to improving the lives of immigrant and refugee children in Louisiana. Her multicultural upbringing instilled a desire to serve America’s most vulnerable communities and has shaped the pediatrician and trailblazer she is today.
Everyday she sees children “struggle to access basic needs such as healthcare and food.” We can all agree this sad reality will only improve if our members, as pediatricians, speak out for these voiceless children. Dr. Mukerjee represented our community with an insightful letter to The Advocate entitled, “Invest in the Healthcare of All Children.” Her letter brings awareness to the systemic issues that plague immigrant and refugee children in Louisiana. However, she is hopeful interested parties will work together to reduce barriers for uninsured children. Since her letter was published, representatives from Children’s Hospital have reached out to her team. Now she receives updates on the hospital’s efforts regarding clarification and simplification to the Medicaid application process for these children.
Strides are being made, but Dr. Mukerjee knows we have much more to accomplish. When asked about her residents this is what she had to say: 
“My greatest hope is that my residents continuously ask themselves what they can do to improve the lives of their patients and that they appreciate the powerful role advocacy plays in our everyday work as pediatricians.” 
The practice of pediatrics requires a special person willing to make extraordinary commitments – a person who understands the importance of advocacy, and who selflessly represents people who cannot represent themselves. Dr. Mukerjee is such a person and the Chapter is proud to have her as a member.

M.D. & M.P.H from University of Washington in Seattle
Residency training in general pediatrics at the
Tulane-Ochsner, New Orleans

Chapter Leaders Speak out on AHCA

The future of American healthcare is uncertain and the proposal of the American Health Care Act jarred providers across the country. It is imperative that we as pediatricians let the public and Washington legislators know the effects legislation like this could have on the future of America, our children.
The Chapter’s leadership voiced their opinions in an Op-Ed to the Advocate. Thank you Chapter President, Bryan Sibley, MD, FAAP and Chapter Vice President, John Vanchiere, MD, FAAP for speaking out.

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Congratulations to the
2017 Pediatric Match Class in LA!

LSU Shreveport

Brian Allen
Amna Aziz
Ruchi Babriwala
Tucker Blackledge
Kate Degatur
Maribel Martinez
Sagar Patel
April Shipp   

LSU New Orleans

Nick Algu
Michael Caffery
Michael Carver
Jonathan Chawla
Evan Davis
Rose Di Peppi
Jordan Doss
Michelle Duplantier
Brandon Fairless
Katie Greer
LaTasha Henderson
Tyler Kingdon
Andrew McKernan
Jamie Yeager 
Rachel Evans

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Our Lady of the Lake

Truc Dinh
Lacey Clark-Decker
Megan Collins
Nicole Zeky
Uchechukwu “Uche” Eke
Melissa Holland
Taiwo Ojewole
Carolina Larmeu
Catherine Stanecki
Kelly Ordemann
Amber Medine


Med-Peds Interns
Aaron Dobie
Nathaniel Glasser
Sarah Himmelfarb
Natasha Lee
Abraham Mathai
Priya Pal
Pediatric Interns
Virginia Byron, M.D.
Karen Garay, M.D.
Vaniza Naveed, M.B.S., B.S.
Saachi Patel, D.O.
Ymaliz Ramirez, M.D.
Sweta Singh, M.B., B.S.
Kristen Slaymaker, D.O.
Jacob Todd, M.D., M.S.
Triple Board Interns
Myrline Rose Belzince, M.D., M.S.
Silai Mirzoy, M.D.

2017 Acadiana Pediatric Potpourri

August 18-20, 2017  |  Le Pavillon  |  Lafayette, LA

Hotel Reservations  |  Online Registration   |  Exhibit/ Sponsor 

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AAP News

Pediatrics fills 98% of positions in 2017 Match

AAP announces successful Match Day for pediatrics. Read the article here.

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AAP 2017 AAP Education Award Call for Nominations

The American Academy of Pediatrics is pleased to announce that nominations are being accepted for the 2017 AAP Education Award.  This award will recognize one member of the Academy whose career reflects educational contributions that have had a broad and positive impact on the health and well-being of infants, children, adolescents and young adults.  The 2016 AAP Education Award was presented to Janet Serwint, MD, FAAP.
The AAP Education Award Subcommittee encourages you, along with your constituents and colleagues, to submit nominations for this award.  The award recipient will receive a commemorative award that is presented at the AAP 2017 National Conference and Exhibition (NCE) in Chicago, IL.   
All nominations need to be submitted to Nikki Berry by Friday, April 21, 2017. Please contact Nikki Berry via email at with questions or for additional information. 
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News & Noteworthy

School Readiness Tax Credit Revisions Pass the State Board of Education

The state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) unanimously approved the proposed revisions to the School Readiness Tax Credits (SRTC) and the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) bonus payments structure.

Over 30 cards were submitted in support of the revisions from child care providers and advocates from across the state, and there was no opposition. Now the revisions go to the House Ways and Means and Senate Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Committees of the Louisiana Legislature for final approval. The Legislature will convene on April 10th. If approved, the changes will go into effect in 2018. These revisions will align the tax credits to the new rating system for all publicly funded early care and education programs, which was mandated by Act 3 of 2012.

The School Readiness Tax Credits are a unique package of tax credits that incentivize and support quality early care and education for young children in Louisiana. They have received national recognition and are now used as the state match to help pull down the over $80 million federal Child Care and Development Block Grant. For more on the success of the current tax credits, see Giving Credit Where its Due: School Readiness Tax Credits Benefit Louisiana Families and Communities. For more on the proposed revisions, see materials released by the Department of Education including presentation slides and a recorded webinar describing the proposed revisions, and a SRTC Calculator to help centers estimate how their tax credits and bonus payments may be impacted.

Louisiana School Readiness Tax Credits in the Press

The Louisiana School Readiness Credits continue to receive local and national attention.

Family Tax Policy: A Path Forward to Lifting Children Out of Poverty
In this national report, the U.S. Child Poverty Action Group points to Louisiana's School Readiness Tax credits as a successful economic development policy that supports children, families, and small businesses (specifically child care centers and their workers). The group recommends these tax credits be adopted at the federal level.

School Readiness Tax Credits crucial for workforce development, advocacy group says
The Greater Baton Rouge Business Report highlights the economic benefits of investing in early care and education with an article from the Lake Charles American Press. The story focuses on Louisiana Policy Institute's efforts to preserve and expand School Readiness Tax Credits and restore the Child Care Assistance Program for children from birth to age three.

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Dr. Vanchiere presents Pediatric Grand Rounds at LSUHSC- Concerns about AHCA

At a recent Pediatric Grand Rounds, Dr. Vanchiere discussed the ins and outs of the potential transition from Affordable Care Act to the American Health Care Act and the subsequent implications on children. Dr. Vanchiere encouraged his audience to stay informed on this pressing issue and be engaged in the efforts to educate Washington legislators of the problems of the new health care plan.

Watch his presentation here. 

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LA Department of Health News


Mumps Advisory - Read Now!

The Louisiana Office of Public Health (OPH) has detected eleven cases of mumps in students at LSU Baton Rouge over the past few days. OPH is requesting healthcare providers to be alert for mumps and keep up with current information at

Fee for Service and Managed Care Organizations Opioid Limits

Please click here to see the provider memo regarding the opioid crisis in Louisiana.

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Healthy Louisiana News

Healthy Louisiana Informational Bulletins
Find all  Informational Bulletins here

Health Plan Advisories
Find all Health Plan Advisories here

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Upcoming Events

Louisiana Medicaid Presents: Deep Dive into Quality

Town Hall meetings

Purpose: To solicit input from providers in the selection of Medicaid performance quality measures

The Louisiana Department of Health will host a series of town hall meetings with clinical providers from across the state to solicit input on the selection of Medicaid performance quality measures.
The information discussed and the suggestions offered at the town hall meetings, titled “Deep Dive into Quality,” will be used by the Louisiana Medicaid program in the development of publicly reported quality metrics. Ultimately, the selected quality measures will be presented in a dashboard that will be added to the department’s website.
“We encourage providers to attend a meeting in their area and to be an active participant in this important conversation that will help to shape the Louisiana Medicaid performance dashboard,” said Dr. Harold Brandt, Medicaid Chief Transformation Officer, Louisiana Department of Health.
Town Hall Schedule

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Abby S. Andrews CPNP

Jae Whan Keum

Nathan Phillip Knutson MD

Nikita Lalchandani

Bimaljit Pangli Kaur

Elridge  John Schwartzenburg III

Stanely Szybinski

Haritha Vellanki MD

Joseph Anthony Bocchini, MD 4/1

 Marvin Mata, MD 4/1

 Brandi Ducote, MD 4/2

 Bernard Francis Ferrer, MD 4/2

 Tai Pham, 4/2

 Vickren Pillay, MD 4/2

 Carlos Plancarte, MD 4/2

 Lauren Powell, DO 4/2

 Janet Lyn Rossi, MD 4/2

 Kara Michelle Spinks, 4/3

 Barry Martin Matthews Starr, MD 4/3

 Robert Allen Gordon, MD 4/4

 Kristin Nathalie Van Hook, MD 4/4

 Marlene F. Daher, MD 4/6

 Mia Helen Harris, MD 4/6

 Meghan Vial, 4/6

 Brittany Wagner, DO 4/6

 Sudha Ashok Rao, MD 4/7

 Melanie T Yerger, MD 4/7

 Michael McAdams Quinn, MD 4/9

 Amanda Gayle Brown, MD 4/10

 Connor Marcel Champion, 4/10

 Jane M.S. El-Dahr, MD 4/10

 William Benjamin Rothwell, MD 4/10

 Julie M Baham, MD 4/12

 John Nathan Rhodes, MD 4/12

 George S Ellis, MD 4/13

 Nhung Kim Nguyen, MD 4/13

 Gary Quinton Peck, MD 4/13

 Yoon Shin 4/13

Harley G Ginsberg, MD 4/14

 Elizabeth Renee Smith, MD 4/14

Husam Haidar Sukerek, MD 4/15

 Osman Mohamad Numair, MD 4/17

 Fred Douglas Patterson, MD 4/17

 Heather Alicia Daniels, MD 4/18

 Gregory J. Gelpi, MD 4/18

 Stephanie Treme, MD 4/18

 Christine Kasbarian, MD 4/19

 Patricia M Schneider, MD 4/19

 Robert Louis Delarosa, DDS 4/20

 Suchita   Desai, DO 4/20

 Courtney Jacobs, MD 4/20

 Jennifer Paul 4/20

 Abby S Andrews, CPNP 4/22

 Christina Kozycki, MD 4/22

 Christopher M Smith, MD 4/22

 Lurah Welch, MD 4/22

 Jennifer Bentley, MD 4/23

 Jessica Grieger 4/23

 Isabel Remedios, MD 4/23

 Molly Esther Sonenklar, MD 4/23

 Brandace Hider, MD 4/24

 Kenneth Wayne Leger, MD 4/24

 Robert Jerome Oertling, MD 4/27

 Jonathan Paul Walther 4/27

 Dianne Jones Albrecht, MD 4/28

 Hunter Hamilton, MD 4/28

 April Danielle Sorrel, MD 4/28

 John S Barbara, MD 4/29

 Rodger H Elofson, MD 4/30
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Acadiana Potpourri

August 18-20, 2017
Lafayette, LA


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