HYJ's Spring e-News - updates, AMAZING SPECIALS & 10 Basic Yoga Rules 
Happy almost summer friends,

Welcome to our Spring e-news.

Here is the studio scoop.  We hope it pleases you.

Limited Time Specials

Super Special thru MAY 10


$999 for 12 13 months of
Unlimited Yoga


The price of greatness is responsibility $2.50/day!

Pay (cash only) at the studio by May 10 to receive 13 months of unlimited yoga for $999!
Your series can start now or be made effective when your current series runs out.  

You will not see this special or anything even close ever again!
Did you do the math? It's only $2.53/day. Please don’t pass this one up!

Full-time Students 
4 Months of Unlimited Yoga for $349
Teens and college students, practice yoga all summer at this great price! 

Buy Now


Yoga & Ayurveda Teacher Training 
July 5 - 30, 2015

Look for an email in a matter of days.

Immediate registration required to make this work for July so plan accordingly.

Limited in size to allow for utmost in personal care.  Offered by Global Yoga, our parent company and lead by our Director and a surprise International Ayurveda Practitioner you will love. So stay tuned.  

You may do all or possibly just the Ayurveda portion.  It will be a Yoga Alliance International Certification Course, perfect for those journeying down the road to teach as well as those seeking a deep immersion into the yoga lifestyle.  We will delve into nutrition and meditation, with 10 practices a week, a detox and much more.  Those seeking to teach will teach 10 real classes at the studio to real students before graduating, which sets this training apart.  We will offer parts on the business of yoga, how to hold retreats, and give you all you need to sustain a career as a teacher.  If you are a rockstar, of course we will invite you to join our team.  Mostly, this will be the best month of your life.  Click here to see what others have said about our trainings.

Sunrise Surprise! 
6:15am, Monday thru Friday we will do a trial run of early AM classes starting May 10! We have a rockstar apprentice teacher, Kara, you will love !! So spread the word and arrange your schedule sunrise yogis!!! The trial will run through August 1, if attendance is strong we'll happily make the class permanent.

Karma Yoga Opportunities --  Yoga Exchange for your help...

Bulletin Board: Creative? we need a large, artsy bulletin board area for our entrance, to serve our community of students with any announcements or events.  Please call Cassie if this is you, direct at 561 339 7090. 

Cleaning: as full-trade for yoga. We need one more helper for two shifts a week, with a minimum 90 day commitment.  If this is you, please leave your name and phone number at the front desk, or text Cassie directly at 561 339 7090.

Spanish Language Tutor:  Full year of Yoga classes in exchange for Spanish lessons.  Call Cassie directly  at 561 339 7090. Would like to get started right away with a goal to be mostly done in a month, if possible!  Then your work is done and you just practice yoga the rest of the year.

We are local.  Hot yoga jupiter is a one hundred per cent independent, owner operated small business.  We are not a franchise.  As a locally owned business, our revenues stay in our local economy as we strive to be an active part of the community.  If you have the time, please give us a little review here on Yelp and/or here on Google+.  Thank you for your support. 

Effective May 10, our current pricing schedule will change slightly in order to normalize our membership/series relationships and to practice sustainability.  Simply, the more unlimited and longer term your membership, the less expense the class per month will remain.  

And because we love and appreciate you and want you to live a longer and healthier and happier life, until May 15 we are offering 13 months of unlimited yoga for the crazy cash (only) price of $999!!!!  This word you will want to share with friends, this will not be repeated, and yes, as always you may hold this until your current series expires.

And to purchase any series or membership at the current prices (you may hold 'til your current series expires, as always) please click here.

This Summer
Teacher Training: As mentioned above, we are reviewing information for a Yoga Alliance 200 hr Certification programme this summer.  We will announce the details in about a week, to our email list. Again, please be prepared to register immediately if you are serious, as we will limit size and require immediate payment for a training in July, if slated, due to the late nature of the registration this time around.  

Ayurveda Workshop: What is Ayurveda? Do you know your Dosha? Do you know what, how and why to neti? Find out this summer with a fun workshop. Details coming soon, stay tuned!

Detox: Yes! We have both long and shorter term options with an expert nutritionist under consideration.  Stay tuned! 

Let's really take our practices to the next level, this summer by doing more and more yoga, more often!

Summer is the best time of year here, don’t you agree? We can wander into our favorite restaurant, get the best table and be served in less than two hours. We can drive down a beach road with less likelihood of an accident. We do not have to wait in a long line for an acai bowl. We can watch every sunrise and sunset, and nap during mid day thunderstorms on Sunday afternoons.  Best of all, we can stay in our wet hot yoga clothes 'til we get home because it's warm enough outside OR better yet, we can cross a few blocks and go right from class into the ocean!

Remember that this yoga is a lifestyle practice.  It is for everyone and every ability.  Ideally, the series is practiced daily and we hope you can make it at least 5 times a week.

We are very excited for “season” to near it’s end and to reunite as a local orenda to spend a sweet, sweaty summer with you --  healing, strengthening and renewing.  We have some surprises in store. Stay tuned.  Details very, very soon!

If you are struggling with your practice in any way or need a little inspiration to get on  your mat more often, please feel free to call me and lets sit together and figure out how to make things easier.  You have not lived until you have practiced 10 days in a row.  Nothing in this world is more important than your health.  Yoga is a practice.  It really cannot even be taught, it is the practice that teaches us.  And we get what we give.  it is all that simple, but I know that does not mean it is easy.  We are all here for you, know that.

Lots and lots of love,
Cassie and ALL
Locally OM'd & Operated!
561 743 2300
561 339 7090 direct

Lose the handles, not the love. 


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