- We are 1!!!  First Anniversary special
- Greg Williams coming soon
- Take the 60 day Challenge
- 2 Qualities of Breath 

We are one!  Of course we love the feely-goodness of this existential maxim, but seriously, did you realize we're celebrating our 1st Anniversary soon!?! I can't believe it, what a year and what a beautiful community that Hot Yoga Jupiter is becoming. I want to celebrate! Let me know your anniversary party suggestions.

1st Anniversary Special 

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In other news, Greg Williams and another special master teacher will be gracing the studio in November with some great workshops and classes, not to be missed. Stay tuned, details to come.

I'm also happy to share that the 60 Day Yoga Challenge numbers are growing. Don't forget that you can start anytime & you can double up classes to make up for missing around the holidays.  Taking the 60 Day Challenge is a good way to keep perspective, stay healthy and remain connected with the true meaning of the holidays. 

I look forward to seeing you in the studio.  As always, let me know if you're working on something,  if you have workshop suggestions and again, I'd really love to hear some ideas for the 1st anniversary celebration, don't be shy!

Much peace,
Cassie Aitken
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Lose the handles, not the love. 

Posture of the month: 2 Qualities of Breath

slow down... just breatheBreath as Prana
Prana is the energy that sustains the manifestation of the universe. It is the vital life-force energy that animates our bodies. It interpenetrates and pulsates within every cell, enlivening and coordinating all bodily functions. The heart throbs, the diaphragm rises and falls and biochemicals flow in a harmonic symphony, all due to the pulsation of prana in the body.

One of its forms is air, which surrounds us and fills our lungs as we breathe. The air contains prana and is distributed throughout the whole body through the act of breathing.  

In addition to animating the body, prana is intimately intertwined with the mind. If prana is disturbed or agitated, the mind also will be agitated. Establishing a steady, easy pranic flow in the body will cause the mind to become steady, quiet and undisturbed.

Breath as Action
The breath is used in asana as the medium of a yogi’s spirit and attitude. It serves as the bridge between attitude and the dynamic symmetry of alignment. The breath interweaves threads of one’s intention into the fibers of the body. Conscious breathing into an area of the body helps to expand and soften that area. This increased softness enhances sensitivity while enlivening nerves and improving circulation. Also, the breath helps to loosen the body and naturally releases blocked or stored emotions.  Uniting the body, mind, heart and spirit in action, the breath and the practice of pranayama (breathwork) are the cornerstones of yogic practice.

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