The Life of A Yogi - 200hr Hot Yoga Teacher Certification
and Ayurveda Immersion coming this JULY!!! 


Hi Friends,

We are thrilled and inspired to offer our evolutionary 200 hour Yoga Alliance accredited Hot Yoga Teacher Training and Ayurveda Immersion Programme.

This training is a process of total immersion and transformation. Whether you are preparing for your teaching journey or simply want to take your practice to the next level, expect to dive into the roots of yoga and open your heart to an intensely transformative and rejuvenating journey in Hot Yoga, Ayurveda, mediation, health and healing.

The class size will be limited to ensure plenty individual attention and will include an all-levels mix of students to foster a dynamic environment reflective of that which will be in your future classroom setting. Individuality is nurtured and encouraged, and sensitivity toward your future student's varying levels of yoga ability are cultivated. Asana, meditation, and pranyama are practiced to your unique proficiency (and beyond). Deepen your knowledge of Yoga theory to the point that it becomes the fabric of your life. Learn to take and teach classes that hold a consistent vision, and gain a thorough understanding of the applied principals that create a solid class for all ages and body types.

Time on the Mat and the Cushion
One of the joys of being a teacher is that your Yoga practice becomes part of your job description. During this training, each day includes asana, meditation, and pranyama instruction and practice. Gain an understanding of therapeutic principles that allow you to practice safely with intensity. Learn to sit comfortably for a 45 minute meditation session and experience what it means to rest in stillness. Become proficient in breathing techniques that awaken and build heat to prepare for asana and that are cooling and soothing to prepare for meditation. Experience a vibrant aliveness from which there is no going back.

What is Ayurveda and why have we included it?Ayurveda literally means the Science of Life (Ayur=Science, Veda=Life). It is a 5,000 year old system of natural healing with its roots in the Vedic culture of India. Ayurveda is the sister science to Yoga, its focus is on cultivating real health through daily and seasonal routines, personalized diet and cleansing practices, which naturally result in heightened states of spirituality. During this retreat we will learn how to apply its principles to our personal practice and daily life, guided by an expert in detoxification and purification, the wonderful Leonardo Cordero, author of Aging Gracefully, a Yogic and Ayurvedic Guide to Cleanse and Purify Your Body and Mind.

Combining the two results in a highly integrative, powerfully transformational healing journey. This is an extremely rare opportunity that will connect you more deeply to your true self as well as provide you with a unique experience and perspective as you embark on your path as a Yoga Teacher.

You will enjoy:

  • A rich and full curriculum for Yoga Alliance International 200-hour certification
  • Learning a balanced, inclusive and open minded approach to teaching
    the Primary Series (Hot 26+2)
  • Learning about the business of Yoga and retreats so that you can launch your Yoga career with confidence
  • Regular daily Hot yoga practice in a magical sanctuary setting
  • One year LIFETIME of Unlimited Yoga practice at Hot Yoga Jupiter
    commencing the day you register
  • 20% off ALL retail and private lessons from registration to graduation. (We're offering this as we have found many students seek private lessons to tweak their practice before training begins.)  
  • Sunrise and sunset meditation on the beach
  • A 7-day Ayurvedic cleanse, including all food, guidance and preparation
  • An experiential understanding of Ayurveda and its practical application, both personally and as a teacher
  • Healing physical and subtle body energies through the practice of these ancient wisdoms
  • A small group with plenty of individualized attention
  • Special new friendships that will nourish you for a lifetime
  • The opportunity to teach real classes to real students which will give you the edge and the confidence to start teaching right away
  • Seva (selfless service) - creating a unique group effort in service of the local community.
  • The beauty of nature in a gorgeous coastal setting
  • Passion for Yoga, Passion for Ayurveda, Passion for Nature & Passion for Life!  

This is a Yoga Alliance recognized program:Yoga Alliance is an international governing board for yoga teachers and training programs in the United States and the rest of the world.  Graduates of our program who have demonstrated an understanding of the material and complete all requirements will be eligible to register as an RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) with Yoga Alliance. Becoming an RYT increases your status, brings you international recognition as a yoga teacher and optimizes your opportunities for employment as a yoga teacher worldwide. For more information, please visit Yoga Alliance.

The extensive curriculum choices blend traditional Eastern Yogic Philosophical teachings, Western Anatomy and Ayurvedic natural healing wisdom with a thorough exploration of the Hot-26 Primary series in both 90 and 60 minute formats —  offering trainees an opportunity to impart their study practically and relevantly in a global yoga environment.

Our mission is to provide each trainee with the skills and experience to lead a class safely, creatively and authentically, thereby empowering a new and deeply satisfying life path as a teacher of Yoga. 

As you deepen your practice and develop new skills, you will find your own voice as a teacher. A training manual will be provided to support your lectures, practice and personal yoga development. To assist your yoga journey and personal discoveries, students are encouraged to maintain a reflective journal for the duration of Yoga Teacher Training. Competency for graduation as a yoga teacher will be assessed on class participation, written assessments and on-going observations during classes. 



• Balanced, inclusive and open minded  
 approach to teaching the Primary Series
 (Hot 26+2) in both 90 and 60 minute formats
• Principles of proper alignment

• Key language skills and verbal cues
  to enhance alignment

• Observation skills

• Hands on adjustments and enhancements
• Class & Workshop Setup

• Music as a tool to create and enhance the
  bhavana of a class



• Ayurvedic Principles 

• Learn about Ayurveda and it’s relationship
  to yoga

• Prana, the life force

• Prana vayus — vital breaths

• Pranayama — breath control

• Philosophy

• Yoga Sutras

• Sacred Yogic Texts

• Chanting

• Meditation


• Importance of Yogic anatomy

• Planes of Movement

• Anatomical Language

• Therapeutic Applications

• Applications in Asana

• Bone and Muscle Structure

• Functions of the Yogic Body


• Marmas

• Chakras

• Nadis



• Common injuries

• Therapeutic guidelines for working
   with injuries

• Injury prevention



• Finding work as a teacher
• Yoga Retreat Coordination
• Getting a studio started

• Funding resources

• Guerilla Marketing


$4,500 USD (Two payments of $2,250 USD ea.)  - OR -  
Pay in-full before May 15 for $500 savings!

Early Registration Incentive: $4,000 due by May 15th. SAVE $500
Click here to Pay-In-Full


Initial Payment: $2,250 due by May 15
Final Payment: $2,250 due June 1
Click here to make your Initial Payment 


Attendance is limited to maximize personal attention. Inspired by multiple requests and enthusiasm, this training registration period is much shorter than usual.  Registration, preparation and final payment are absolutely time-sensitive; and to secure your spot, you must register as soon as possible as spots are available on a first come first serve basis.  The deadline to receive an early registration discount of $500 is May 15.  The final registration deadline is May 20th.  We anticipate this will fill before May 20th, so, if you’re interested we encourage you to act fast.



We have arranged housing at the Jupiter Waterfront Inn at deeply discounted rates for members of our group. To get the most out of the immersion experience, we highly encourage you to stay with us at the Inn (even if you live locally, at least during the week). Our days together will be long as we eat, drink and sleep Hot Yoga and Ayurveda; you will find lodging at the Inn logistically easier. Additionally, staying together while taking sabbatical from everyday life strengthens the integrity of the energetic container of the group so that we can go deeper into the healing experience and bonding as a community.

To keep costs lowest, you may book accommodations directly with the Inn. Simply call (561) 747-9085 and speak with Sara.  Mention that you are with Hot Yoga Jupiter and you will receive about 75% off of your room (for example, $200 is reduced to $69/night). This is due to the care and kindness of one of our studio yoga students, Pam Minelli, to whom we are deeply grateful. 


  • We will provide all training materials, except for a couple of books, which you will need to purchase. We'll share the details shortly after you register.
  • Meals: We will provide all meals during the 7-day Ayurvedic Cleanse. All breakfasts are included with your stay at the Inn. You will need to provide remaining meals.
  • We have strong relationships with local juice bars and restaurants, you can anticipate a few surprises!
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In Closing...

You need to understand something here, to really understand it. This will be one of, if not THE BEST WEEKS of your life! You will leave the training feeling happier, healthier and full with life! You will gain unique skills and experiences that will forever inform your personal practice and your path as a yoga teacher. 

Teaching yoga is truly a service to humanity and the opportunity to do so is a blessing --  teaching yoga is the best job on the planet!  

We can heal the planet.  It starts with you.  It starts with us!


The Life of A Yogi
Hot Yoga & Ayurveda Immersion, 200hr YA Teacher Training

July 6-31, 2015    Jupiter, Florida

Much peace,
Cassie, Leonoardo & Team

Cassie Aitken
Locally OM'd & Operated!
561 743 2300
561 339 7090 direct

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