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I’ve noticed you haven’t stopped by in a while. 

This happens. We have strong intentions, we make resolutions, we give it a go. Then life happens, work happens, obligations happen, weather happens and before you know it those practices that support your personal well-being make their way to the back burner.

I’m writing to gently remind you, just incase you forgot, to make yourself top priority. Especially if you easily fall into the “don’t have time” camp. Although putting yourself first feels counter-intuitive -- like the airplane attendant who encourages us to secure our oxygen mask before assisting others -- making your practice a priority will only positively impact all you do and all you relate to.

I know you know this, but it’s my job to remind you... You’ll be able to manage stress better, to think more clearly, to make better decisions. You’ll increase your health and longevity and feel more comfortable in your body. You’ll be better able to meet your many obligations and it doesn’t hurt that you’ll look great while you're at it, right?!

Is there something you’re having trouble with? Please let me know, I want to be your go-to support. I want to help you meet, if not exceed, your 2015 goals for health and vitality!

Or if you were just waiting on a strong savings opportunity, wait no longer!

For those of you who find it easier to stick to a practice with a yoga-buddy or two, we’ll extend this savings to any friends you refer. Just forward this email with the purchase link. If online is not for you, come on in within the next couple of days (15 minutes before any class start time) to take advantage of these savings.

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It'll be great to see you again!

Much peace,
Cassie Aitken
Locally OM'd & Operated!
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Lose the handles, not the love. 

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