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Don't Rush the River

Like a river, God is ready to move the water and control the banks, but he waits for us. I thought we were waiting for him. All is designed for us to move in his flow and power for an expected end. He honors us in the process. He’s not in a hurry. Such a great God we serve.

The Book of Isaiah is described like the Colorado River, making history and speaking prophesies as it runs through the giant walls of the Grand Canyon. God’s story is from everlasting to everlasting. In Isaiah’s sixty-six chapters, he covers 6,000 years of recorded history, from the beginning of creation to the end of time—from Lucifer’s fall from heaven to Jesus’ unveiling in Revelation.

The Holy Spirit flows through God’s Jewish people, called to carry God’s commandments and bring the birth of His Messiah. His crucifixion brought salvation and forged the path for Pentecost. He poured out his Holy Spirit and began his Church. He is redeeming his bride.

Jesus in us and we in him. Christ is the supreme manifestation of wisdom and power, for he carries out the eternal plan of God and brings his people to completion.

It is Wisdom for us to wait and allow God to move the river. We speak of this wonderful wisdom that comes from God, hidden before now in a mystery. It is his secret plan, destined before the ages, to bring us into glory.


To Be Released Mid-Winter 2023 ~ Taming Wild Hearts ~ A novel about a Colorado country family, a five-thousand-acre ranch in the heart of the Rocky Mountains and a rare mustang. A western drama, romance, and mystery.

Meet Cinnarue, one of the characters in Betty Slade’s novel.

"I’m a Curly Sulphur mustang. Luke gave me the name Cinnarue because of my cinnamon coat. He says he might rue the day he brought me home. I’ve been told I’m a rare breed. I come from Disappointment Valley. Only wild mustangs live in this desolate wilderness. Luke Barrett rescued me from the poachers and has given me a good life.

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Mid-month, a prompt is sent out to tell a story in six words. Thank you to all who contributed a six-word story this month.

Strip to the basics. Then rebuild.
Rachel Critchley

Earthly home now. Heavenly home later.
Rachel Critchley

In the gloom His light shines.
Rachel Critchley

Hoping for: mother's love, too late.
Annette Gates

You called. I came. Now what?
Lindsay Sutton

Future dreams buried under past neglect. Cathy Biggerstaff

Possibilities live here amidst the uselessness.
Cathy Biggerstaff

Warehouse for sale: sturdy, needs work.
Jessica Tanner

Fairytale castle for sale. Fixer upper.
Cathy McIver

Her icy stare colder than iron.
Riffy One

Sunlight revived her dreary forsaken soul.
Jan Davis

Colossal dreams, gigantic God, little me.
Betty J. Slade

Window of hope in the darkness.
Elizabeth White

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The Curly Sulphur Mustangs and Sulphur Mustangs in general are endangered and close to extinction. There are only three remaining Curly Sulphur Mustangs known. 

Dr. Mitch Wilkinson, Pagosa Springs, Colorado, has searched the world over for DNA in an attempt to save two species that have dwindling numbers: The Spanish colonial horse and the North American curly horse.

If Wilkinson can prove these horses are genetically unique, he hopes to reclassify them and protect them.  He stresses his efforts are about conservation. “We need to identify the genetics so that people who are trying to conserve them know how to breed them successfully.”

The doctor has been a big part in Betty Slade’s writing of this novel. He has been there each step in sharing accurate information about the Curly Sulphur DNA genes and history. The writer hopes that her novel will be a way to make others aware of the conservation of the mustangs.

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My Wild Horse Decorated My Life
Michael Golembeski

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