Murray, Meatball & Tasha
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Murray & Meatball & Tasha, 1972

Murray, Meatball & Tasha 

That’s the studio house in the background.  The “Children Slow” cop sign Max got from the Fort Edward DPW.  Notice the “Archie Bunker” tee Murray is wearing.  Very patriotic.  Of course, Murray is English.  I don’t know where that captain’s hat came from that Fulton has on his head.  The cowboy hat Murray is wearing belonged to Gail, but hats here hung on a row of hooks in the hallway, and if it fit your mood, and your head, you were welcome to wear it.  

I really have nothing more to say, I just wanted to show you the photo since Fulton’s kind of fond of this one.  Oh, in case you didn’t know, Murray did play Lord Jowls in the 4th Tower, and he’s had a couple of hit songs, including “Jesus Christ Superstar” (the single) and “One Night in Bangkok.”  He’s been in a number of movies, and a lot of different TV series - all English, I believe.  

And Tasha?  She came up from New Orleans with Rango.  She was a quiet, stay-at-home kind of doggie.  And Meatball?  You know him.  

Oh wait

I do remember something.  Murray told Meatball that he had received a framed gold record of his hit single, “Jesus Christ Superstar.”  And he wondered if it actually was the record.  So, being an inquisitive sort of chap, he took the frame apart, removed the gold record, and peeled the label off.  What he found underneath was, The Doodletown Pipers.  Murray said, “Those cheap bastards!  They didn’t even use the real record, just whatever was lying around.”  Meatball asked what he finally did with his gold record.  Murray replied, “I tossed it in the trash.”  Good ol’ Murray. 


You can hear Murray as Sir Henry Jowls in “The Fourth Tower” episodes that are playing at this very moment on
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