“The Magnet”
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Max, Meatball, Miles

“The Magnet” 

Just as a magnet attracts iron filings, it appears Meatball’s personal magnetism has drawn all the hair in the room to his own head.  Or maybe things were being kept in balance - while he was growing his, Max & Miles were shaving theirs.  

This photo was taken in our studio, it was probably 1971.  We still have about 800 LPs, some you can see on the shelves behind.  When CDs first came out, those of us working with sound were delighted we no longer had to deal with the scratches & pops on vinyl records.  But now that time has passed, Meatball said he’s back to listening to LPs again.  He likes their feel, sliding those big, round, black, vinyl discs out of their colorful jackets and white sleeves, plonking ‘em on the turntable, and as the record goes ‘round and ‘round, gently setting the tone arm down as the needle hops, skips and bounces, searching for the first groove.  The surface scratches rarely bother him anymore.  He especially enjoys the richness and depth of the vinyl sound.  

Best of all, he’s now hearing things he’s never heard before.  With CDs, if a song didn’t interest him, he’d click to the next cut.  But with LPs, he’s not about to get up, walk across the room, pick up the arm, move it to the next song, trying to see where the heck is that next cut, then setting the needle down, hopefully in its vicinity.  So now that he sits and listens to complete sides, he’s discovered all kinds of songs on those LPs that he’s never heard before.  Patience pays off.   

But still, he wonders, if they did a blindfold test - CD vs. vinyl - how many people would really notice any difference?
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