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We love to mix and match with our brand new sample pack!

Fall is officially here and with it comes a craving for something different.  Something that puts you in the holiday spirit and helps you to cope with those blustery cold days.  We’ve been waiting forever to re-introduce these flavors to you and with the all new fall flavors sample pack, we’re sure you’re going to LOVE these great flavors. 

Half BakedThere’s nothing like a warm fresh honey bun straight out of the oven with melt in your mouth glaze that eases its way down your throat.  This divine flavor fairly drips with honey and a baked bread taste that only the sweet tooth lover in you can appreciate. 

Glazed & ConfusedWe promise no confusion when you vape the flavor of your childhood!  We took popcorn to the next level and made a great big ball of fluffernutter!  We took creamy peanut butter, fluffly marshmallows and a bit of glaze to combine them into a wonderfully nostalgic flavor.  You won’t even have to clean your teeth afterward!

Mr. TeaI pity the fool who doesn’t vape this flavor!  Chai tea made its way back into the fold with an excellent blend of chai and tea that’s frothy, smooth, and spiced enough to keep you from running to your favorite coffee shop.  It is decadent and full bodied and just the kind of vape you’d enjoy on a frosty day. 

SchmidtenThose buttery soft, melt in your mouth mints your granny used to keep around the house have made their way to our lab and straight to your bottle.  With its spot on subtle and coolly refreshing mint flavor, you’ll feel like you actually have a couple in your mouth. 

Frosty SprinklesThere’s nothing like the strong taste of a deep mocha on a cold day.  But when you add peppermint to it, it takes flavor to an entirely new level.  Frosty Sprinkles is the boss of chocolate vapes and will certainly expand your palate to enjoy those deep notes of mocha and lighten up with peppermint. 

The Splurge:  The holidays would not be complete without the spices of the season combined with a touch of brandy.  This cajun bread pudding flavor is nothing short of magical with its creamy custard base, full of cinnamon and nuts and an ooey gooey rich bread flavor that will make your mouth sing.  Indulge in the Splurge. 

For the same great price our sample packs have always been, you can indulge in the depth of full-bodied flavors that promise to expand your palate and have you saying yum with every inhale! 

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