With spring having sprung, we're encouraging you to take a fresh look at things.

Whether that's looking inside at your personal values and how OB may have impacted you in unexpected ways; looking around the world at other OB schools or looking a little closer to home and seeing how you could support your watchmates. 

So dust off those winter cobwebs, grab a cuppa and peruse this month's My Watchmates. 
Do your values align?

Do your values align with your career goals?

In 1998 our CEO Victor Klap had a 'lightbulb moment'.

Read the NZ Herald-featured article about what sparked his journey to aligning his personal and professional values and why he recommends you to do just the same. 

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OB around the globe

Did you know you're part of a world-wide community?

You're part of a very special network of people spanning 32 countries from Mexico to Japan and everywhere in between.

Find out what goes on at other OB schools around the globe and what the OB experience looks like for our friends overseas. 

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Outward Bound Promo Video

Paying it forward

Following their Discovery Masters course in 2014, Batten watch decided to, well, pass the baton (excuse our pun).

A number of the watchmates clubbed together to raise $1,140 to sponsor this year's Discovery Masters community partnership watch that recently ran in August 2015. The icing on the cake? Our 2014 clan decided to pay it forward for a whopping five years and sponsor watchmates right up until 2019. 

If you're feeling inspired by Batten watch, why not talk to us about paying it forward to future generations of your own watch? 
Pay it forward to your future watchmates: Talk to us
Watch our barrier busting videos

Busting the barrier to OB 

Got a friend or family member who's keen to take up the OB challenge but there's something standing in their way...?

Why not share our brand-spanking new videos, telling the story of how OB alumni have overcome their own barriers and made it to Anakiwa. 

Watch and share now. 
The OB alumni survey

More than just an amazing experience

We asked almost 150 alumni what they believe the lasting impact of their OB experience is 6 months after having completed a course. 

From being motivated to get new jobs, to the simple fact of feeling more confident, it turns out you guys have been pretty inspired. 

Take a look at the survey highlights. 
2016 calendar

2016 calendar

A collection of our favourite images from Anakiwa and its surrounds brought together for our 2016 A4 size calendar.

With stunning images taken from participants and OB staff, it’s the perfect Outward Bound souvenir. 

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2016 calendar

Outward Bound singlet 

What better way to show off that you're OB alumni? A 100% cotton singlet, perfect for stepping into springtime. 

For women: choose from Red or Charcoal in sizes XS-XXL. Shop now. 
For men: choose from Burgundy or Charcoal in sizes S-XL. Shop now. 

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