Why Do We Say Chillibreeze is NOT for Everyone?

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Are you on the job hunt? You must be, because you clicked to know more about Job Opportunities at Chillibreeze.

I’m guessing one of your questions might be: “Is Chillibreeze a company I would like to work for?”

That’s a good question. That’s why we say, “
Chillibreeze is NOT for Everyone”.

It is HARD to work in Chillibreeze...

Chillibreeze continues to fulfill the vision to be an excellent example for others to follow. To achieve excellence takes a special group of people. We want people who seek challenges and are willing to go above and beyond. We want people who are not afraid to come out of their comfort zone and go on a journey to reach their unique potential.

What Kind of Challenges?

We believe people who set high goals for themselves are likely to flourish in Chillibreeze. If you prefer a routine and secure task-oriented job… Then Chillibreeze is not for you.

Unstoppable Grit is One of Our Values

Passionate perseverance is what it takes to serve the world's best customers. Ask any of our 150 staff that’s what it takes to serve our customers every day.

Having unstoppable Grit is one of the reasons why we exist while many other companies come and go from Shillong. Nothing worthwhile is easy. Working in Chillibreeze is not easy. Many start strong, but when the going gets tough...

How Tough?

For some people, it is too much to adjust to. Many come from a lifestyle of being unemployed and living at home. A disruption starts with the intense environment of showing up to training on time, every time. From training learning and meeting customers' demands and deadlines is tough. For some people… They thrive. They experience how new habits impact their lives. They love how challenges reveal hidden ability.

Some Love Challenges. Some Don’t

To accomplish all of this takes grit. Many learn it is worth it. Together we discover that the sacrifices made now create opportunities for others in the future. With challenge comes the experience of joy of doing something that matters. For the first time, some may feel purposeful and discover that work can give life meaning. If this type of company sounds attractive, then consider Chillibreeze. You will gain confidence if you are selected to work with us. Through purposeful work at Chillibreeze you will do way more than you ever thought possible!

Do you want this kind of brighter future?

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