Willamette Water Monthly Issue 11
June 22, 2015 
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New Willamette Water Supply Program Video! 

You have heard the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, well what about a video?  Check out this new video to learn more about the Willamette Water Supply Program! Please click the picture above to see our new video.
Summer Water Supplies in Good Shape

Recent news about the warm Oregon winter, drought declarations in some parts of Oregon and water restrictions in California generates questions about how TVWD’s and Hillsboro’s water supplies are doing. Total precipitation this winter has been only slightly below average and the current water supply status is in great shape with Barney Reservoir 100% full, Scoggins Reservoir about 95% full, and Portland's Bull Run reservoirs at 100% capacity.

Current water supplies for these communities rely on water stored in reservoirs that are fed primarily by rain rather than rely on snowpack. As always, everyone is encouraged to use water wisely. Helpful water conservation tips can be found at (

Having these multiple supplies available allows water providers to make sure water for our communities is available when it is needed.  Once the Program is complete, the Willamette River will be an additional source of quality water for Hillsboro and TVWD providing year-round reliability and a valuable addition to our supply portfolio. 

The Willamette River is one of Oregon’s largest rivers and is the 13th largest river in the United States. In addition to its size, the river is even more reliable due to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers reservoirs that provide flow even in summer months.
Willamette Water Treatment Plant Producing Safe, Quality Water for More than 12 Years

As part of the Willamette Water Supply Program, the Willamette River Water Treatment Plant in Wilsonville will be expanded and will use water treatment processes similar to the ones in place today. The current Willamette River Water Treatment Plant began operation in April 2002 and has continually provided quality water that has met all safe drinking water requirements. 

Ever wonder how we make sure water from your tap is safe to drink? All water providers share the same goal: providing safe, reliable drinking water to the communities they serve. To do this, water systems treat and monitor the water (before treatment, as part of the treatment process and once it is in the distribution system and flowing to homes and businesses). The types of treatment vary depending on the size of the system, whether they use ground water or surface water, the quality of the source and the communities’ expectations.

The Willamette River Water Treatment Plant uses a process that consists of multiple steps, each of which provide a barrier to various types of potential substances. This multiple-barrier treatment process
reliably produces treated water that meets all safe drinking water requirements under even the most challenging conditions. 


Step 1: Raw Willamette River water flows through intake screens.
Step 2: Particles that might make water cloudy or turbid are removed.
Step 3: Ozonation of water serves multiple functions including disinfection, the breakdown of organic chemicals, the breakdown of taste/odor causing compounds, and enhanced removal of organic material by the filters. After bubbling through the water, the ozone quickly decomposes into harmless oxygen gas.
Step 4: Water then passes through the granulated activated carbon, which effectively provides another barrier to turbidity and dissolved organic molecules.
Step 5: Remaining silt or particles are removed through sand filters.
Step 6: Chlorine is finally added to the filtered water, which protects the water as it travels through the distribution system to in-town storage tanks.
Interested in a tour of the Willamette River Water Treatment Plant? Call or email Marlys Mock, 971.235.7336 or

City of Hillsboro and Tualatin Valley Water District             Sign Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA)

This month, the City of Hillsboro and TVWD strengthened their partnership by signing an IGA that describes how Willamette Water Supply Program activities will be implemented.  Examples of Program components include the construction of the 124th Avenue pipeline project in partnership with Washington County, establishing a program office and the selection of a program management firm. 
This IGA represents the commitment and cost saving partnership between the two agencies as they continue to develop the Willamette Water Supply Program. “The IGA reaffirms the partnership between the City of Hillsboro and TVWD as we work together to develop a water supply for future generations,” said Kevin Hanway, City of Hillsboro, Water Department Director.
For more information please contact Marlys Mock, 971.235.7336 or
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