Willamette Water Monthly Issue 19
March 8, 2016
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One River, Many Hands Protecting Water Quality

Are you aware that hundreds of non-profits, utilities, volunteer groups, universities and others in the Willamette Valley are working together to improve the condition of the Willamette River? These advocates are making positive changes from the headwaters south of Eugene to the mouth at the Columbia River.  Drinking water providers who use the Willamette River as their source of water are also part of this enthusiastic team actively supporting stewardship efforts.

A recent advocacy success story is the creation of the Willamette River Report Card.  Beginning in September 2014, more than 20 agencies and organizations participated in a collaborative effort, initiated by the Meyer Memorial Trust’s Willamette River Initiative, to spearhead the creation of a scorecard to track the health of the Willamette River. The publication of the Willamette River Report Card drew the well-deserved attention of media and the public as it emphasized the importance of the Willamette River to our communities, and provided a tool to measure river health by using key environmental factors as water quality indicators. The scorecard creates common metrics for river health, and highlights what’s going well and what needs additional scrutiny. Most importantly, it provides a means to measure progress over time.

In conjunction with this effort, the Willamette Water Supply Program is identifying opportunities for water providers along the Willamette River—including Wilsonville, Eugene, Salem and Corvallis—to work together to coordinate watershed protection efforts. This endeavor is laying the groundwork for future development of a coordinated, long-term effort to protect water quality in the Willamette River.

Click here to read the full Willamette River Report Card.

Over 20 university, agency and technical experts provided input into the first Willamette River report card.

Program Update Highlights 

Preliminary Design – Refinement of the pipeline route is moving forward. Engineers are evaluating each section of the proposed route to finalize the pipeline alignment to make sure that the best possible route is chosen. The Program will soon select a pipeline engineer for additional study and design on a portion of the route in the Sherwood/Tualatin area.
Willamette River Water Treatment Plant Master Plan – The Willamette Water Supply Program Team is assessing plant design options with technical staff and with the partner agencies. The Master Plan will be completed by the end of 2016.
124th Avenue – Construction begins spring 2016 on this exciting partnership project that will be complete in 2018. 

Kinsman Road – This cost-saving opportunity project with the City of Wilsonville and the Oregon Department of Transportation is progressing. Design and permitting is near completion. Construction is anticipated to begin in 2016.

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