Willamette Water Monthly Issue 18
February 8, 2016
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Protecting Washington County's Public Health

The tragedy of lead-contaminated water in Flint, Michigan is an object lesson about the importance of safe, clean, reliable drinking water.
It is also an example of why the number one priority of the Willamette Water Supply Program partners is the protection of public health. This will be accomplished through the delivery of safe, clean drinking water to homes and businesses in our communities.
Tualatin Valley Water District (TVWD) and the City of Hillsboro regularly test water throughout their current distribution systems to verify the commitment to safe water is being met. Finished water is tested before it leaves the water treatment plant. That same water is also monitored prior to being sent through pipes to customers. Water delivered to TVWD and Hillsboro customers’ taps meets or is better than all federal and state drinking water standards, including the limits for lead. Test results are available online for both systems (click here for TVWD’s results and Hillsboro’s results). 
The Willamette Water Supply Program’s water quality scientists and engineers will make sure the Willamette River water delivered to Hillsboro and TVWD customers is safe to drink, before and after it travels through the delivery pipeline. These water quality and water system experts will complete a detailed study that develops a solid understanding of how to integrate the new and existing water sources. This rigorous approach to quality and safety will allow us to provide the safe and healthy product customers expect – just as your water supplier has done for decades.
“Our current and future water supplies have very similar characteristics mitigating some of the concern related to delivering the new supply to the existing systems,” says Dave Kraska, P.E., Willamette Water Supply Program director. “Regardless, we are committed to performing the necessary studies and completing the improvements needed to maintain our excellent performance of delivering high-quality, safe water when treated water from the Willamette River Water Treatment Plant flows into our new system a decade from now.”

Program Update Highlights

Preliminary Design – Refinement of the pipeline route is moving forward. Engineers are evaluating each section of the proposed route in order to complete the final pipeline design. Recently, a request for proposal was issued for additional study and design on a portion of the route in the Sherwood/Tualatin area—see it on our new “Business Opportunities” webpage ( This new study is part of the Program’s commitment to making sure that the best possible route is chosen and ultimately built.
Willamette River Water Treatment Plant Master Plan – The Willamette Water Supply Program Team is assessing plant design options with technical staff and with the partner agencies. The Master Plan will be completed by the end of 2016.
124th Avenue – Washington County reports a contractor has been hired. Construction begins spring 2016 on this exciting partnership project.
Kinsman Road – This cost-saving opportunity project with the City of Wilsonville and the Oregon Department of Transportation is progressing. Design and permitting is near completion. Construction is anticipated to begin in 2016.
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