really? rad!
All I can think about right now is food; fried food, crunchy food, hot food, rough food, hard food, oozy food, salty food, spicy food, food food food.
But I could be distracted with some foliage

food is everything, but there's also radness...

>> ooooooooo <<
(František Lesák via SOCKS)
>> This room looks fun. <<
(via Leibal)
>> This is Super Collection. It's pretty super indeed if you ask me. <<
(Write Sketch & via Polkadot)
>> Brian Finke spent between 2004 and 2006 snapping photos of flight attendants going about their daily lives. (side note: there was a Hooters Air??) <<
(Brian Finke via Fubiz)
pizza huts
>> The new lives of old Pizza Huts. Ho Hai Tran is obsessed. <<
(Pizza Hut by Ho Hai Tran via Fast Company)
>> Post Script, a photographic series documenting the decline of rural post offices across America. <<
(Post Script by Rachel Boillot via Fast Company)
>> Lightly arranged. <<
(Danny Jones via Fubiz)
>> All the goods. <<
(Tatsuro Kiuchi via Booooooom!)
>> Directing that set. <<
(Anna Lomax)
sad topography
>> Sad Topographies. Apparently these are real places?! <<
(@sadtopographies via Present&Correct)
>> Snacks are a food. <<
(via giphy)

enjoy . ALL THE . snacks
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