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Weekly Coffee Offer
Welcome to another week of coffee 'Wolff Coffee Roasters' style.

We have been squirreling away over here at the roastery on our new product 'Cold Wolff.' Cold Wolff will be made available to our wholesale customers over the following weeks in a 20L disposable keg of nitrogen-charged cold brewed coffee and also a berry ice tea.

The beer tap dispensing systems will be quoted depending on the available space in your cafe but the standard system will be a two tap font and will cost $4000+GST installed (site dependent) the above photo is from our designers but the font supplied will be different to the picture.

For our licensed cafes, our system installers can easily quote you on beer taps etc at the time of spec'ing the job. If you'd like a quote on a single tap option or any other options like carbonated water on tap, please contact us for a quote and we will send someone out.

We have talked to our friends at Silverchef and they are quite happy to look after financing the system should you prefer to go down that route. (it works out to approx. $55/wk)

So lets talk about the figures.

Cold Wolff kegs are 20L each and we recommend serving in a 200 mL pony glass (google it). That means, depending on how many you drink yourself, you will get approx 100 serves per keg. The cost of each keg is $160 - no GST charged. Which means $1.60/serve. We will be charging $6/serve which means each serve will bring in $4.40. This means to pay for your dispensing system (which, yes could be used at private parties to dispense beer) ;) you'd only have to sell 10 kegs worth of product. Also with the current federal budget. equipment purchases of up to $20,000 are now tax deductible.

Contact us if this interests you for your cafe or bar.

Without further adieu, here are the coffees on offer this next week:
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Ethiopia 'Galena Abaya' Natural
$26/kg or $7.5/250g
Yirga Cheffe - or Yirgacheffe as it is commonly known - is in fact part of the Sidamo region, but its sometimes exquisite washed coffees are so well known that is has been sub-divided into its own micro-region. It is, in turn, split into four 'Woredas' - Yirgacheffe, Wenago, Kochere (which mainly lies above 2200 metres and, arguably, produces many of the Yirgacheffe region’s finest cup) and Galena Abaya. This steep, green region is both fertile and high - a lot of its coffee grows at 2000m and above
In the aroma we find elderflower and sweet berries in the flavour.  The cup is sweet, intense, with a nice body and pleasing acidity.
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El Salvador 'Finca Kilimanjaro' Washed Process
$50/kg or $13.50/250g
This is the traditional washed version of this spectacular estate coffee. Perfectly ripe, perfectly processed, shipped to us in vacuum sealed foil bags. This coffee is the pinnacle of artisan coffee farming and is one to be enjoyed over and over!
Panella sugar, fresh cream mouthfeel, toffee, plum, dried fruits like white 
raisin, prunes, and assam tea finish.
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Kenya 'Kahete' AA Washed
$30/kg or $8.5/250g
This lot is from the Kahete washing station in Muranga County and comprises coffee from about 650 smallholder farmers, each with around 120 trees, all of which are all old-school (delicious) varieties like SL43 and SL28.

The tasting notes on this coffee are as follows:
 'Sweet, Juicy, Blackcurrant Bomb'
Rwanda 'Gihombo' Wet Mill
$30/kg or $8.5/250g
Gihombo Wet Mill is a privately owned wet mill that was built in 2006, but only become fully functional in 2011. Located near the shores of Lake Kivu, the stations cherry collection areas ranges in altitude from 1600-2000 masl. All coffee is processed using a Penagos eco-pulper, dry fermented for 12 hours then dried on raised beds for 15-22 days.  
Seriously intense and bold, rich sweet caramel, honey and lime zest bring sweetness, brightness and body to the cup!
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Ethiopia 'Galena Abaya' Natural
$26/kg or $7.5/250g
If you're looking for a fruit-bomb natural processed Ethiopian Coffee, this is definitely the right place to start. Always impresses people in the cup.
In the aroma we find elderflower and sweet berries in the flavour.  The cup is sweet, intense, with a nice body and pleasing acidity.
$24/kg or $7/250g
Dark chocolate, hint of liquorice, finishes like dry cocoa and some malt. Its like a coffee malteser if there were such a thing.
Delicious and sweet with intense chocolate notes.
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$25/kg or $7.5/250g
Unashamedly sweet jammy fruit. Pleasing sweet fruit acidity.
Chocolate and caramel in the background.

Tasty espressos and long blacks but great in milk as well.
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$30/kg or $8.5/250g
Honey sweetness, caramel and toffee, reminds us of a delicious caramel and nut praline.
Very small hint of fruit.

This is the Rolls Royce of the blends, complex and sophisticated.
It’s like the best toblerone you've ever had.
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Single origin orders will be roasted on  MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY.
Please have orders in by 3:30pm the previous day.
Order either via phone or email:
Phone: 3267 5551

We are proud to now be offering the following:
1. Chamellia teas – loose leaf and pyramid infusers (email for pricing)
2. Panela Sugar – bulk and satchets (email for pricing)
3. Kali Drinking Chocolate. $18.50/kg 
4. Chai Me Organic Chai syrup and ground spice powder. $18.50/bottle or 500g bag
5. BONSOY Soy Milk. $22/carton of 6, 5 cartons for free delivery in Brisbane Metro.
Happy brewing coffee kids.

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