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Issue 128: 05 August 2021

In this Issue: 

Far North Region Leaders, Scouting Essentials Training 

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From the Chief Commissioner

Scouting and COVID-19 Restrictions 

The COVID-19 situation in the southeast Queensland 11 local government areas (LGAs) has changed rapidly since the last Chief’s Newsletter. What started as an issue at Indooroopilly State High School on Friday morning has rapidly escalated into an initial three-day hard lockdown, now extended to a hard eight-day lockdown and likely to be extended further. One of the worrying aspects of this lockdown is that school-age children are being identified with COVID-19 which is likely to change the thinking around mask-wearing being confined to persons 12 years and older. 

QBSI 7.15 has had two changes reflecting the escalation situation and there must not be any face-to-face Scouting taking place within the 11 LGAs until the lockdown ends. Scouting@Home material is still available from the resources tab on the Scouts Queensland web page. A new weekly activity sheet has also been created which recognises work done in Tyakunda and Capricorn districts. Please consider keeping the Scout spirit burning with these resources. 

For Scouting within the remainder of Queensland, enjoy the freedom! We are now required by the State Government to implement Check In Qld app | Queensland Government ( and this should be implemented by each Formation as a business'. Check in using the App is not required for Youth Members. 

Compliance with QBSI 7.15 remains important to enable us to continue delivering for the young people of Queensland. 

Impact of hard COVID-19 lockdown on Scout events over the next few months: 

The uncertainty associated with both the effectiveness of the hard lockdown and compliance of the community with the lockdown conditions makes planning for forthcoming Scout events difficult. 

This is the known status of forthcoming events: 

Announcement of Adult Recognition Awards 

Many adult volunteers in Scouting participate because of the incredible impact that the Scouting program has on the development of young people. We recognise years of service, and I am in awe of those adults who have 30+ years of service and those who wear 55-year, 60-year, 65 year, and 70-year service knots on their left sleeve. 

Many of those adult volunteers put in an effort beyond the role that they are appointed to and that service is recognised through the Adult Recognition Awards. Each award level has criteria that must be met. Nominations can be submitted by anyone but those adult volunteers who are Leader of Adults have a responsibility to make sure that the adult volunteers within their formation are appropriately recognised. 

This year we were able to award: 

  • 3 Rover Scout Service Awards

  • 10 Special Service Awards

  • 58 Meritorious Service Awards

  • 6 Outstanding Services Awards

  • 22 Silver Wattles

  • 19 Silver Koalas

  • 2 Silver Emus

  • 3 Silver Kangaroos. 

Recipients have been advised by email of their awards. The list of recipients has already been published on the Scouts Queensland website, through social media and is listed within this newsletter and I sincerely thank each recipient for what you are doing towards the development of the young people in Scouting. Thanks, is also extended to those who nominated these people. I look forward to being involved in the presentation of your award to you. BRAVO! 

World Scout Day 

World Scout Day was on Sunday 1 August and we traditionally ask members and supporters to wear their scarves at school or at their workplace. The Sunday and southeast Queensland’s hard lockdown did not help our cause. My poor effort was limited to photos of various maintenance activities at home proudly wearing my Queensland scarf posted on Facebook. What did you do to promote World Scout Day? 

Upcoming Dates - August

4 August - National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children's Day 
7 August - Joey Scout Jaunt (CANCELLED)
9 August - Islamic New Year
14 - 22 August - National Science Week
22 August - Ullambana 
27 - 28 August - Scoutfest Camp
28 August - Australian Scout Medallion Presentations
29 August - Queen's Scout Award, Baden Powell Award and Adult Award Ceremonies

Joey Scout Jaunt - Update

Unfortunately the SEQ lockdown means we can not proceed with Joey Scout Jaunt this weekend as planned.

We can now however look forward to Joey Scout Jaunt on Sunday 10 October at BP Park!
Thank you to the huge team effort from throughout the Branch to be able to confirm this reschedule so quickly.

Meet an Astronaut during Joey Scout Jaunt - The Prequel @ Home this weekend!

To keep you excited about Joey Scout Jaunt, we've put together a "Joey Scout Jaunt - The Prequel @ Home" pack full of themed activities you can do at home with things you may already have in your house. Find it here!

Also, join us on our Joey Scout Jaunt - The Prequel @ Home YouTube Channel on Saturday 7 August to meet Commander Michael Fossum, NASA Astronaut and Scout Leader, who is sending a special message to Joey Scouts!

Again, a huge thank you to the Team who pulled this activity together in 2 days for our Joey Scouts!

2021 Adult Recognition Awards 

Congratulations to the 2021 Adult Recognition Awards Recipients who have given invaluable service over a considerable time to Scouting.

The full list of Queensland awardees can be found here.

Knight Moves 2021 - Outback Knights 

Now in it's tenth year of operation, the annual Brisbane North Region Knight Moves was held at Scouts Qld’s Karingal Campsite on Saturday 24 July 2021. The event was attended by 225 Scouts, 20 Venturer Scouts, 4 Rover Scouts and 49 Leaders.
Keeping with the spirit of the Youth Program, the purpose of Knight Moves is to encourage interaction between the Scouts, Venturer Scouts, Rover Scouts and Leaders of Brisbane North Region by presenting a fun, interesting and challenging night time navigation exercise.
Venturer Scouts ran a day time training component for the activity where Scouts were refreshed on Essential Skills required for the night time navigation. Essential Skills training included estimating distance and setting and following a bearing by use of compass at night.

Rover Scouts also played a critical part in the planning stages including setting the night time navigation route and the design and production of the unique navigation markers and the Stockman's Travel Diaries (Patrol Instructions for the course). Other tasks included administration and first aid duties at the event.

In contrast to previous year's themes which were based on European, Asian and Middle Eastern Knights from earlier centuries, this year's theme had a more modern flavour based on "Aussie" knights with a lot of poetic licence thrown In.
As the story goes, Sidney Kidman, the “Cattle King“, engaged the most highly regarded Stockmen in the country (the Scout Patrols) to capture the infamous Cattle Raider, Captain Starlight, who was stealing King Kidman's cattle. The Stockmen’s multiple skills including their ability to navigate at night and read and decipher the cattle brand codes left by Captain Starlight, made them perfect for the role.

So, having recruited Australia’s most highly skilled Stockmen, King Kidman proclaims them as modern day "Outback Knights" and sends his small teams out to the Cattle Stations (Activity Bases) via the Old Stock Routes in search of Captain Starlight. The Cattle Stations were aptly named Boorara, Annandale, Dundee and Bulloo Downs.

At the end of the Journey our Outback Knights got to hang Captain Starlight at the Roma Court House. Along their route, Scouts followed instructions per their Stockman's Travel Diary and were guided by unique navigation Markers which guided them between the Cattle Stations.

To find their next compass bearing, Scouts would "energise" the Marker with a torch, thus Illuminating the bearing for their next direction of travel. Some Markers also had a Cattle Brand (Code) which engaged the Scout's decryption skills.

Congratulations to St Johns Wood Scorpion Patrol for winning the event. A lot of good feedback has been received from Youth and Leaders about the activity. We are already in the process of planning and organising Knight Moves 2022 with a stronger emphasis on Youth involvement.

Joe “Dunnart” Reitano
Assistant Region Commissioner – Scouts
Brisbane North Region

Participate, Assist, Lead - PAL

One major indicator of a successful program is having all Scouts actively involved in their Unit program. Each weekly program needs to be planned with a good mix of the challenge areas being covered. Through these activities and games, youth members develop leadership skills that provide Scouts the opportunity to assist and lead building on their level of experience. All Scouts should be actively participating, assisting and leading with their program to the best of their ability.

Participate-Assist-Lead or PAL- provides the opportunity for Scouts (with the assistance of adult leaders in our younger sections) to be engaged and involved in creating their program that is Adventurous, Fun, Challenging and Inclusive and based on the Scout’s own interests and ideas. By encouraging each scout to be involved through a number of Participate-Assist-Lead activities and games, their leadership development, personal progression and confidence grow. It is quite deliberate that the number of Participate-Assist-Leads contributes to each Scout’s Milestone achievements.

We must remember that this occurs with adult support and should be appropriate to the needs and ages of each scout. For younger sections the activities will be linked to games and short activities while for Scout and older sections it could be larger activities, incidents, projects, and camps.

Remember a great way to create transitions between your Units is to encourage PAL activities happening with other sections. These are always popular, especially with the younger sections. These can be in the group or in other Units at district and region events. Special thanks to Parkwood Heights where Venturer Scouts are demonstrating their Leadership skills through working with Joey Scouts on a very engaging activity. Great work team as this reinforces the One Program and one great journey of Scouting as well as the transitioning process through scouts - (ok used to be linking)! More information about PAL is available here.

Great Scouting,
Youth Program Team

Tales from our Heritage

Next month the Queensland Agoonoree will be celebrating 40 years. In 1979 a contingent of three Queensland members, Leader Peter Blatch, Venturer Scout Geoff Doo, and Scout Andrew Dufficy, attended the 3rd Nippon Agoonoree in Japan which was a large camp for youth with special needs. After returning from this event, Peter Blatch organised the first Agoonoree in Queensland which was held at Baden-Powell Park, Samford 17 - 21 August 1980. It was attended by 48 special needs youth, 72 Scouts, 24 Girl Guides with many Leaders, Venturers and Rovers assisting. Its success ensured that the Agoonoree Camp became an annual event as youth with special needs from Montrose Home and Xavier Home, together with Lone Scouts and Scouts and Guides from Brisbane Groups share activities during a week-long camp. This was the beginning of a tradition that continues to this day - forty years later.

Troop campsites were the standard Queensland Jamboree Troop layout and equipment of the time; three pairs of two canvas patrol ridge tents separated by a covered dining area, and two single tents - one for the Leaders and one as a store tent. A large range of activities were provided during this event including scuba diving, canoeing, grass skiing, athletics, photography, videotaping, air activities, abseiling, conservation, woodturning, candle making, pottery and many others.

All Campers at Agoonoree wear the brown scarf at all times during the camp. The brown scarf is worn to show that they are all one family striving for the same goal. An early and continuing tradition is that of adding the badge for each year of attendance to your first scarf - this is a sign of service. While Queensland is the longest-running Agoonoree in Australia, other States such as New South Wales and Western Australia have also held Agoonorees. All share the same principles of equality, friendship, respect and challenging adventure. The photo above shows Guests abseiling at the 1980 Agoonoree held at Baden-Powell Park.

Ekka Update - Thank You

Sadly the 2021 Ekka has been cancelled. We would like to thank everyone who volunteered and hope we can count on you again next year when we go for youth fruit and vegetable display gold! 

Thank you to our 2021 supporters!
- Dulux
- Darryl Clare: 3D Printing
- Superior Fruit Graceville 
- Wonargo Revue: equipment

And an extra special thank you to Charlie from Indooroopilly Scout Group for designing the stand!

Jamborette 2022

Xero Price Change 

Xero will be increasing the monthly subscription fee by $2 per month (standard subscription) effective 23 September 2021. There will be no change for Formations on a Starter Plan (those processing less than 20 invoices and 5 bills per month). 
Through our not for profit status and other discounts we estimate this increase will be approximately $1.50 per month ie $18 per annum (which is approximately the GST claim from purchase of 2 x 40L iceboxes). The price rise incurred in January 2021 was delayed from 2020 due to Covid-19. 
There are many advantages to being on Xero, including ease for auditors as everything is on the Xero file, claiming GST (average of $240 GST claimed by Formations each quarter), cloud-based software so can be logged on in any location and reducing the time it takes to email invoices and other Treasurer duties. 
If you want any more information on Xero please contact:
Lauretta Walton
Finance Team

Green and Gold Day

Last Friday (30 July) the Queensland Branch Support team went green and gold in support of the Australian Olympic Team! 

The day was all about coming together to celebrate Australia's sporting achievements in Tokyo. It doesn't matter who you are, your sporting ability or your background, sport and active recreation has the power to unite us all. 

Thank you to Facilities and Risk Manager Andrew Morgan for organising the day and making sure we all remembered to dress up.

Go Australia!
Branch Support Team

Annual Property Return - Update

As mentioned in the Chief's Newsletter on 8 July, the 2021 Annual Property Return is currently being sent out.

The Property Return is used to confirm the value of formation assets, and directly impacts the insurance recharge amount invoiced in April of each year.

Given the current Public Health Directives affecting South East Queensland, the due date for Property Returns will be extended to 19 September 2021.

This is acknowledging that many leaders are unable to attend Scout facilities during lock-down periods.
Any queries please refer to the Scouts Queensland Knowledgebase or email
For more information related to the Scouts Queensland Insurance program please see QBSI 5.6 Insurance

Facilities Team

Peak Awards 

Yvette Mitchell Chermside Burul Scout Group
John Knight Enoggera Scout Group
Jett Bevan Gracemere Scout Group
Conor Ransom Kedron Scout Group
Nathaniel Clarke Kedron Scout Group
Ashan Chandhrasiri McDowall Bunya Scout Group
Oscar Buckley McDowall Bunya Scout Group
Chloe Fitzpatrick 2nd Nambour Scout Group
William Sisson Birkdale Scout Group
Hayley Jenkins Bluewater Scout Group
Toby Smith Clontarf Beach Scout Group
Celena Kutschkau Greenbank Scout Group
Lincoln Hayward Indooroopilly Scout Group
Lindsay Schultz Pittsworth Scout Group
Noah Jorgensen Samford Scout Group
Jayden Hinrichsen Rosewood Scout Group
Mark Cunningham Sandgate Scout Group
Izabelle Binnington Freshwater Scout Group
Ameley Armah Chermside Burul Scout Group

Xero - Statement of Cashflows (new)

Cashflow is very important to every business and the statement of cash flows is a good summary of the income and expenses for a particular period.  Please note this report only includes cash movements and doesn’t account for non-cash movements.  Please refer the link below on how to generate this report.
Statement of Cash Flows (New) (

If you have queries please email

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