Basel, June 2015
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Planning Scenarios with DPS


DPS is used in the meat industry for various planning scenarios along the entire supply chain in areas such as production, packaging, task allocation, disassembly push-pull planning and many more. This article will look at disassembly push-pull planning (the balance between supply and demand) as an example. Other areas will also be explained in future newsletters. More…

Communication Server


Softproviding Communication Server is a software component providing the possibility to exchange data between parties in a heterogeneous environment using various communication protocols. Such parties can include but are not limited to Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Device Gateway Applets (DGA), Device Gateway Communicators (DGC), Remote Application Framework (RAF), SAP systems, etc. More…

Nortura SA ‒ Example
of a Software Evaluation Process


For a bit of variety, we’re not going to tell you about a project that has already started in this article; instead, we’re going to describe a successful software evaluation process. Nortura SA, Norway’s largest meat and egg producer, chose Meat Management by Softproviding and SAP in April 2015. The selection process had a highly professional structure; the different phases are explained briefly and clearly below. More…

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Product Documentation, PrintMonitor and Traceability with Meat Management


Product Documentation from Softproviding
No product without the relevant documentation! If the product is enterprise software which is constantly evolving and must be adapted relentlessly to new challenges and realities, providing the relevant documentation is also a demanding task. Read about what you can expect from Softproviding documentation in our next newsletter.

The Softproviding PrintMonitor is a software component that enables you to print labels in real time from SAP, in a DGA (Device Gateway Applet) or using an RAF (Remote Application Framework) application. Find out more in the next newsletter.

 Traceability in accordance with EU Regulation No. 1169/2011
Traceability is an issue that is supremely relevant to all customers: it needs to meet a variety of requirements (such as laws or customer requests), yet still enable processes to be carried out efficiently. In this report from the field, we shed light on this issue, taking technical possibilities and organizational feasibility into consideration. So don’t miss out on our next newsletter!

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