MWP Summer Newsletter with a review of the Annual Meeting, Notes from the New Chair, Updates on Committees, and more information from Ann Manning about her presentation at the Annual Meeting.
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Networking and support for all women in the mental health professions.

A Time of
Celebration and Collaboration

A Review of the
Minnesota Women in Psychology 2015 Annual Meeting

As you read this review of MWP’s 2014-15 Annual Meeting, we are already three months into MWP’s next year! Sixty-six women attended our 2015 gathering at International Market Square on April 30. It was a gala event, and if you missed it, you might want to save the date for the 2016 Annual Meeting as soon as it is announced.
First of all, let’s highlight the food, which was catered by D’Amico’s—split shrimp over balsamic-glazed asparagus with parmesan and black sesame, organic chicken farro salad with lemon vinaigrette, Greek phyllo tarts with spinach and feta cheese, and risotto cakes with wild mushroom ragout. What an assortment and that wasn’t all! Spring rolls with fresh ginger cabbage slaw, smoked Gouda gratin with fresh vegetables and crostini, angel hair pasta cakes with spicy tomato sauce plus yummy cookies, bars, and beverages.
A spacious room and round tables encouraged networking and great conversation. Creative centerpieces made by committee member and professional event planner, Kathy Wise, featured the MWP logo nestled among purple irises. (Check out Kathy’s Facebook page for her business, A Fine Affair.) Rita Stanoch supported our committee and shared her talents by photographing the Annual Meeting.

You can go to the Annual Meeting link on MWP’s website to read the minutes and financial report. Kathy Johnson reviewed the year with its theme of COLLABORATION and concluded the business meeting with an invitation to increase INVOLVEMENT. For instance, get involved with the 2015 Fall Retreat, offer your expertise at one MWP event in the upcoming year, or share information about MWP with a colleague. The meeting minutes include a complete list of all the women who volunteered their time and energy to MWP during the year. Make it a personal goal to see your name on that list by the end of this 2015-16 year!

Scholarships were awarded to two of our members—Nicole Sheppard and Angela Martinez-Deleon. A book sale, initiated by Char Follett, was run during the Annual Meeting to continue building funds for our Dorothy Loeffler Memorial Scholarship program.
The Founding Mother’s Award was given to long time MWP member and consistent volunteer, Karrol Butler. Once again, she was an active member of this year’s Annual Meeting Committee. Although Karrol was quite surprised to receive this award, it was not surprising at all that she was nominated by several MWP members.

A brand new award was created this year to honor a woman whose commitment to advocacy, education, research, or professional development had reached beyond the scope of MWP. Award recipients must have:
  • belonged to MWP for at least three years,
  • held a leadership role in MWP,
  • engaged in work that could impact social, economic or environmental justice; education; or political or humanitarian rights.
The inaugural Women Who Make a Difference award was presented to our speaker and former MWP Steering Committee member, Ann Manning.
Ann went on to inspire us all with her talk, entitled “Lessons of a Collaborative Leader:  Discovering your own Capacity to Lead through Recognizing the Leader Within.” The power of Ann’s presentation came from the authenticity of her style. Her passion for environmental, economic and social justice was palpable. By sharing personal examples of her struggles as well as her successes in leadership, she encouraged each of us to explore our potential to lead and challenged us to stretch beyond our usual comfort zones to make a difference in the world.

As our speaker, Ann embodied the concept of our new award. Years ago, she built some of her early leadership skills by networking, collaborating, and leading within MWP. It was impressive to see how she has honed her skills and how she continues to make a difference through her current efforts with the Women’s Congress for Future Generations and Future First Minnesota.
2014-15 Annual Meeting Committee
Cathy Skrip, Chair
Karrol Butler
Barb O’Brien
Kathy Wise

Announcements by Members

“Coming Out” Support Group for Women

This is a group that is a 14-week psycho-educational support group for women who are “coming out” as bisexual or lesbian, or as a woman attracted to women. The Group is non-judgmental, confidential, sex-positive, open. Everyone’s process is respected and supported. Members may choose how much they want to share. Members of the group will have the opportunity to: share their “coming out” journey, explore and share their questions and concerns about their sexual identity and sexual journey. Issues addressed include: life transition, family, religion, financial & identity changes; sex, gender, sexuality; stereotypes and LGBTQ culture; dating and meeting women. Share resources, and increase a sense of pride and self-love in being more fully who you are.

Intake appointment prior to acceptance into the group: $160. Group Fee: $45 per each group session. 5% discount if paid in full. A sliding fee scale is available. The group meets for 14 consecutive weeks and for 75 minutes/session. Groups offered in the fall and the spring.

Irene Greene, MSE, Psychotherapist & Educator, 25+ years experience facilitating coming out, abuse, and women's groups. Irene has been a member of MWP for over 25 years, has served on the Steering Committee, and given workshops at MWP retreats and conferences.

The Well: Healing Arts Center / Suite 203 / 2100 1st Avenue South / Minneapolis, MN / 55404 Phone: 612.874.6442 Email: Website: to download a group flyer. Free phone consult. Call for more information or to be put on the waiting list.

Social Action Committee Update

Hello! I am very excited about chairing the Social Action Committee this year. Historically, MWP has had a very active Social Justice Committee, even attending Take Back The Night! The last few years this Committee hasn't been active, and this year we are getting it going again! Despite the challenges faced by this Committee over the years, Jane Whiteside has done an excellent job maintaining the Social Action Book Group. Within the last year, we also connected with Minnesota Women's Consortium. This is a great organization that gives us more connections to other social action themed groups (Women's League of Voters, Women’s Initiative For Self Empowerment, and Minnesota Women's Lawyers to name a few!). We are able to rent a beautiful space in their building for events, and advertise on their webpage for our own MWP activities. We hope to find ways to bring their events and programming to our own members! Social Action Committee also encompasses a continuing brown bag group focused on Domestic Violence. Currently, the Domestic Violence Social Action group is working on coordinating training between therapists and lawyers concerning the intersection of domestic violence in the court system. The training is coming up in September and will feature a lawyer, two therapists, and our own lawyer-turned-therapist, Beth Johnson! More information coming soon!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, suggestions, or interest in involvement in our Social Action Committee!
- by Beth Siegel, M.A.

Notes From The Chair

I’m truly honored to be your Chair for 2015-2016. I’m excited that for the first time in many years we have a full 15-member Executive Committee (EC)! In June, we had our annual EC retreat and we have some really awesome things in store for MWP.
A few short years ago there were only seven members on the Executive Committee and MWP had a very limited budget. Some of our members might not be aware that the EC, along with other volunteers, provided the ‘hands-on’ catering for MWP events during that time. This included purchasing our own food and supplies, hauling it all in (including the coffee pots), setting up the tables and cleaning up afterward. A special ‘shout out’ and thanks to all of our volunteer members for keeping MWP alive during this very trying time in our history. This past year we returned to purchasing the food directly from the venues we’ve used. Feedback has generally been positive, although we’re keenly aware of the extra cost and will continue to monitor this change for our members.

MWP’s Executive Committee looks very different this year as we welcome eight new members: Deb Beemer, Kathy Boisjoli, Sarah Cherwien, Beth Johnson, Ashley Lange, Deb Rich, Leslie Root and Felixia Rosales.

We thank the EC members that we said good-bye to this past year for their extra-ordinary contributions: Cathy Skrip, Kathy Johnson, Ruth Markowitz, Denise Kautzer, Michelle Purtle, Bonnie McMillan and Rebecca Lund.

Our theme this year is Getting Involved. This is personally important to me because of my own experience with MWP. When I joined in 2012, after a 20-year career switch, I knew very few people working in the mental health field. Janet Thomas, a friend of mine from college (who, of course, many of you know), suggested I join MWP. I became involved in the organization and was pleasantly surprised to find such an incredible group of women that were not only professional and knowledgeable, but anxious to “reach out” to others. My involvement on our Executive Committee has shown me a group of women who are strong-minded yet continually cognizant of our members and their needs. Getting involved means different things to different people. Maybe it’s helping to plan an event, maybe it’s passing on your ideas for someone else to plan. Maybe it’s just attending an event or inviting a member that you’ve never met out to coffee. The EC is focused on providing numerous events for our members to easily get involved and stay connected to other members, as well as your community. We’re proud that we now have 276 members strong (!) and our hope is that each of our members will try at least one new event. And we’d love to hear about your experience! Let any one of us (EC) know that one new thing you tried so we can include it in our quarterly newsletter (OK to remain anonymous if you choose).

Last year, there were many opportunities available to our members: The Annual Meeting, numerous Professional Development events, Private Practice Group, Student Group, the Mentoring Program, an MWP Fall Retreat, a Wine and Chocolate, Social Hours, Brown Bags, Book Groups, the eBlast and Newsletter, presence on Facebook and LinkedIn, connections to Minnesota Women’s Consortium, new MWP travel mugs for purchase, and 2 scholarships awarded. I'm happy to announce that this year, we plan to continue all of these and are discussing some new possibilities such as more involvement within our Social Action Committee (women’s issues and/or volunteering opportunities), re-creating our website, new methods of communicating with our members, marketing/advertising strategies, adding video-conferencing, and new marketing brochures.  Also, If any of our members want to plan a workshop, we now have an EC member, Felixia Rosales, who will assist in obtaining CE credits.  Stay tuned…there may be even more!

At our Annual Meeting, Ann Manning talked about partnership organizations, as well as getting involved. I, along with the Executive Committee, invite each of you to partner with us so we can have a successful year! For those of you who’d like to join a committee, here is a brief list of our current committees and areas you might want to get involved with this year:    
Finance (Deb Beemer, Chair): Help with the Scholarship Fund and selecting awardees
Marketing/Communications (Kathy Boisjoli, Chair): Help to create a new website, design MWP brochures, video-conferencing, Facebook, LinkedIn, outreach to graduate students
Membership (Laurie Nelson, Chair): Help plan the Wine and Chocolate, reach out to members, coordinate volunteers, coordinate Social Hours, discuss outreach to greater Minnesota
Professional Development (Felixia Rosales and Deb Rich, Co-Chairs): Help plan workshops, Brown Bags, Mentoring, Private Practice, Student Group
Social Action (Beth Siegel, Chair): Help our members get involved with Social Action events (various issues and/or community volunteering), connection to the Minnesota Women’s Consortium

We’d love to hear from you! Feel free to contact any of us on the Executive Committee members now or at any time during the year with any questions or thoughts.
Getting involved is the key to MWP’s cornerstone of ‘networking and support.
Let’s make this a year of involvement!

Susan Whalen LICSW
Chair, Executive Committee

The 2015-16 Executive Committee

Back Row Left to Right:
Miriam Zachary, Laurie Nelson, Deb Beemer, Connie Cohen, Beth Siegel, Kathy Boisjoli
Front Row Left to Right:
Susan Whalen, Hanin Ailabouni and Felixia Rosales
Not Pictured:
Sarah Cherwien, Beth Johnson, Ashley Lange,  Deb Rich, Leslie Root, Farren Swanson

From the
Membership Committee Chair

The purpose of the Membership Committee is to help MWP grow. The more members we have, the more diversity we have in knowledge, skills, experience, and so on, making our networking with each other all the more valuable. In addition, larger membership allows us to offer more educational events both within our membership and to the community. And once you are a member, the Membership Committee wants to support you so that your needs within MWP are being met.

The Membership Committee is responsible for Wine and Chocolate, an event to recruit new members and to thank current members for your support. This event is usually held in October. If you have never attended, try to make this year your first! There are goodies (edible and door prizes), you can learn more about each committee, and of course it’s a wonderful networking opportunity. Also, consider volunteering. I can always use help and support for planning and for the evening itself.

The Membership Committee also supports the MWP Social Hours. MWP members are encouraged to host a social hour, which can be on any day at any time of day – after work (whenever that is!) in the morning, over a lunch hour – it’s up to you. The location is up to you as well. It is an opportunity to relax, have fun, and get to know each other. Let me know about it and I will recruit an Executive Committee member to co-host with you. Our goal is to have at least one Social Hour per month.

Please consider joining the Membership Committee. Our events are fun and a great way to get to know other members. Your participation is a large part of what makes your membership worthwhile. Joining the committee means coming to the regularly scheduled meetings 6 times per year (held in conjunction with Executive Committee meetings on the second Monday of the month) as well as choosing some tasks when needed for various events.

If you have questions, suggestions, or interest in volunteering, including serving on the committee, please contact me. I can be reached at, or at 651.338.4542.
-by Laurie Nelson, LICSW

Make a Contribution to the Newsletter This Year

The MWP Newsletter is open for article submissions by all of our members. Contributing an article is a good way to become more involved with our organization, as well as to reach out and make your name more familiar among our MWP community! As you ponder your involvement with MWP this year, consider making a one-time article submission, or making regular submissions each quarter.

You can make a submission to the Newsletter at any time. You may also note the “call for submissions” in the weekly eBlast that is sent out on Tuesdays to inform members of upcoming deadlines for turning in articles. The Newsletter is published once during each season of the year.

Are you pondering becoming involved with the Newsletter, but feeling unsure of what your contribution could be? Feel free to send me a message to dialogue about this. I am looking for “ghost writers”: people who will write articles for other members. Or perhaps you have some great ideas of contributions you would like to see or would like to co-write with someone? Please let me know. We do have a lot of ideas, and need more writers. I would love to connect with you to see how you might become involved with the Newsletter.

Farren Swanson, MA, LMFT, Editor

Reflections on the
Annual Meeting

It was a joy to participate in your 2015 Annual Meeting this spring. I have always been grateful for the experiences I gained as a member of the Steering Committee of MWP, and of the wonderful women who make MWP a great professional group. It was a great honor to be asked to give the keynote address this year, pure pleasure to reconnect with so many long-time friends and colleagues, and to meet new women who are carrying the legacy forward.

What a surprise and delight to be given your inaugural Women Who Make a Difference Award. I was so touched by Cathy’s introduction and humbled by it as we were clearly in the presence of a room full of women who make a difference every day of their lives. Thank you all for this great honor.

Several of you asked if I would share more about the Women’s Congress for Future Generations. The Women’s Congress for Future Generations was developed as a launching pad for a growing movement to protect Future Generations and our beloved Mother Earth. At the First Women’s Congress in 2012, and the Second Women’s Congress in 2014, we, along with allies, equipped women with ideas to change the terms of the debate about our current economic and legal systems, and connected isolated activists to each other to encourage collaboration around the protection of the earth. The Women’s Congresses distributed and amplified new tools and skills that draw from our parent organization, the Science and Environmental Health Network’s longtime work protecting the right of future generations to a healthy ecosystem (for more information, visit:

The Future First Women’s Congress for Future Generations was held in November 2014, in Minneapolis, MN, as a collaboration between SEHN and its “daughter organization” Future First, the Twin Cities group that came together to produce the second Congress. With a special emphasis on the protection of the waters, the event focused on the role of economics in either undermining our future or providing a sustainable foundation for the perpetuation of life. Nearly 500 diverse participants, representing constituencies far beyond traditional environmentalism, gathered to examine how we can collectively shift from a culture based on dominance and exploitation of resources to one focused on long-term collective well-being, partnership, and a relational approach to the community of life.

I encourage you to go to our website ( and sign up for our newsletter if you would like to learn more. You will also find our plans for moving forward and upcoming events in the Twin Cities this fall.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions or would like to learn how to become involved with the Women’s Congress for Future Generations. I can be reached at

With deep gratitude for all that you do to make this a better world – and for the wonderful honor you bestowed on me this spring. It means so much to be recognized by you!
- by Ann Manning, M.A., LP
Initiative Director, Women’s Congress for Future Generations
Newsletter Editor
Farren Swanson, M.A., LMFT
Production Coordinator
Susan Johnson
Web Site
The MWP Newsletter is published four times a year by Minnesota Women in Psychology for its members. All articles and announcements may be edited to conform to space limitations or to improve clarity, without permission of writers. Contributors are given credit via byline. Email articles and items of interest to Be sure to include “Newsletter” in the subject line.

Advertising Guidelines: Ads must be of interest to women psychologists, and MWP reserves the right to reject or edit advertising. Publication of any advertising does not constitute endorsement; advertising by therapists must follow APA guidelines. Cost: Ads will be accepted in increments of business card size (2” x 3 ½”); cost of one business-card-size ad is $20, two—$35, three—$50, four—$60, etc., up to $100 for 8-card-size, equivalent of a full-page ad. All advertising must be prepaid. Procedures: Ads must be camera ready and fit the requirement of increments of business card size. Submit by the newsletter deadline to: or MWP, 5244 114th Ave, Clear Lake, MN 55319.

2015-2016 Executive Committee
Susan Whalen, LICSW; chair
Hanin Ailabouni, M.S. Ed.; vice-chair
Deb Beemer, M.A., LPC; treasurer
Farren Swanson, M.A., LMFT; Newsletter
Kathy Boisjoli, M.A.
Sarah Cherwien, LP
Connie Cohen, M.A.
Beth Johnson, LAMFT
Ashley Lange
Laurie Nelson, LICSW
Deb Rich, Ph.D., LP
Leslie Root, M.A., LMFT
Felixia Rosales, M.A.
Beth Siegel, M.A.
Miriam Zachary, M.A., LMFT

Regular & Retired Membership in MWP is available to women who hold either a Master’s or doctoral degree in one of the fields of mental health or a related field from a regionally accredited institution and eligible for licensure in Minnesota in one of the fields of mental health.

Student Membership in MWP is available to women who are in the process of becoming a licensed mental health professional who have not yet earned a graduate degree. Student members are not voting members of the organization. Student representatives on Executive Committee may participate in consensus votes within Executive Committee but may never participate to break a tie vote.

Annual dues are based on a sliding scale according to the annual income of the member, currently ranging from $30 to $80 per year. Membership applications are available by emailing the MWP office at or on the website at


Friday, July 31
Brown Bag Lunch
Nature and Forest Therapy Walk
Location: Crosby Farm Regional Park
RSVP by July 24th to

Saturday, August 8
Private Practice Group
9:00 - 10:30 AM
Location: Edina Library, Conference Room (NE corner within the library), 5280 Grandview Square, Edina,  55436
FFI: call or text Kathy Johnson at 612.518.7300

Monday, August 10
Executive Committee/All Committee Meeting
7:00-9:00 PM
Como Park Grill, 1341 Pascal St, St Paul
FFI: Susan Whalen at

Saturday, September 12
Private Practice Group
9:00 - 10:30 AM
Location: Edina Library, Conference Room (NE corner within the library), 5280 Grandview Square, Edina,  55436
FFI: call or text Kathy Johnson at 612.518.7300

Monday, September 14
Executive Committee Meeting
7:00-9:00 PM
Como Park Grill, 1341 Pascal St, St Paul
FFI: Susan Whalen at

October 2-4, 2015
MWP Fall Retreat
Location: Koinonia Retreat Center - Annandale MN
FFI: Joy at

Saturday, October 3
Social Action Book Group
1:30-3:00 PM
Book:   The Mango Bride by Marivi Soliven
Location:  Como Park Pavilion (ground level), 1360 Lexington Pkwy N., St. Paul
FFI:  Jane Whiteside at

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