March 2016 CHA Newsletter
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Hi Heritage Friends,

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The Lions!

The Calgary Heritage Authority is pleased to announce that the Lion Awards will be held on Thursday July 28th at Knox United, 506 4th Street SW, doors open at 6:30pm and the program starts at 7:00pm. The registration page will be up on the Lions webpage for you to RSVP soon.

The Lion Awards website now has the 2016 application form and process as well as other information. Applications for the 2016 Lion Awards are due May 20th, 2016. The website will be updated as new information becomes available including our keynote speaker, sponsorship opportunities and the RSVP page so be sure to check-back regularly.

Why Historic Preservation Districts Are Crucial to Cities

"All across America, from Cleveland and Buffalo to Portland and Pittsburgh, people from all walks of life—led by the young, diverse, millennial generation—are choosing to live, work, and play in historic neighborhoods. When asked why they moved to these areas, residents often talk about the desire to live somewhere distinctive, to be some place rather than no place. They want things like windows that open, exposed brick, and walkable communities, and continually use words like “charm” and “authenticity” to describe what they are looking for. In short, many Americans today want their homes and workplaces to be unique and distinctive—exactly the kind of distinctiveness, character, and sense of place that historic preservation districts provide.

Indeed, historic preservation districts provide benefits to people, whether or not they actually own a home in them. In New York’s Lower East Side, for example, millions of people visit annually to experience a remarkably intact 19th century tenement neighborhood. In Chicago, the annual Historic Pullman Community house tour is among the most popular residential house tours in Illinois, providing a glimpse into the lives of workers in George Pullman’s planned community. These places and thousands of others—from the Milwaukee Avenue Historic District in Minneapolis, to the Harvard-Belmont Historic District in Seattle—provide more than just housing for current residents. They also serve as living history lessons, and tangible reminders of a city’s past. They connect us across time to those who came before us."

Old Toronto homes line up for the Century House stamp

"The Albany Club, established 1882; the National Club, 1874; the York Club, 1909; the Arts & Letters Club, 1908; and the Toronto Club, 1837. All venerable Toronto institutions, but if a light pocketbook or a lack of connections prohibits membership, there is one century-old club you can join for the low, low price of $250.

Except the clubhouse is, well, your own house.

Last year, Heritage Toronto – an arm’s-length charitable agency of the city – began offering “Century House” plaques that double as address markers to those with homes 100-years-old or older. And if one is unsure of their home’s exact age, don’t fret: the crack team at HT will spend a few hours at the Toronto Archives combing through the Goad’s Atlas (fire insurance maps), city directories, archival photographs or building permits to ensure it qualifies."

10 Tips: Restoring vs. Rehabilitating Your Historic House

"In a previous toolkit series, we walked you through the steps of finding and buying a historic house. Now the search is over, and you're the proud owner of a new old home. Congratulations! Sooo ... now what?

As you'll find out, historic homeownership brings with it a unique set of questions, decisions, and goals. Let's address one of the most basic questions first: Should you restore or rehabilitate your house? 

Your decision will influence the house's finished character, the project cost, and the amount of time it takes. It will also impact how much of the work you take on yourself and how much you'll hand off to professionals.

With that said, here are 10 things to keep in mind when determining which approach will work best for you:"

CBC Calgary: Calgary at a Crossroads

Below are some tidbits that we thought our readers would be interested in reading!

A look at Calgary 'firsts' and the legacy they left

Jack Peach's Calgary circa 1912, or so

Calgary Heritage Events

Below is a listing of heritage events happening throughout the city. We are always happy to include the events of other organizations in our monthly newsletters. We only ask that you have them to us by the first of each month. Events can be sent to

Chinook Country Historical Society AGM and Dinner
Tuesday March 22, 2016
Danish Canadian Club, 727 11 Ave SW
AGM: 5pm
Dinner: 6:30pm (ticket information is below)

Dinner Tickets $45 (FOR DINNER ONLY)
For tickets please call Sarah 403-404-8717 or email:
Must Purchase by March 15(No refunds after March 15)

Presentation Following Dinner
The US -Canadian First Special Service Force was formed in July 1942 with the mission to target military and industrial facilities that supported the German war effort. This highly trained and very effective group first deployed to Italy in October 1943.
John Hart, son of veteran Geoffrey Hart of the First Service Special Force, has followed his father's footsteps through Italy, France and Norway. John will speak on the history and the legacy of this highly decorated American - Canadian unit.

The Calgary Foundation is hosting Jane's Walk again this year. Checkout The Calgary Foundation website for more information as well as Jane's Walk, keeping checking back for the 2016 information!