July 2014 Newsletter and Class Bookings 
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Hello Summer! 

It's finally here, there may even be a chance of yoga on the roof terrace..... 

Why do Yoga? 
It is a great way to re-connect to your true self and find inner calm amidst our hectic, busy, mental lifestyles! Taking the time to breathe consciously instantly relaxes the body and the mind and nourishes the soul. Yoga is a way to infuse your life with a sense of calm, peace and serenity whilst using the body in ways which promotes healthy movement patterns. 
Classes with me are fun, informal and sometimes a little challenging. We balance, stretch, go upside down and most importantly laugh during class. The most important thing to bring is an open mind, let the yoga do the rest. 

The next block is 4 weeks and takes us into the summer holidays - PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGES TO TUESDAY CLASSES - Places are limited so ensure you book to reserve your place. 

Classes are as follows;

TUESDAY 8th July - 29th July

9.45-11am Slow-Flow 

6.45-8.00pm Vinyasa Flow 

WEDNESDAY 9th July - 30th July 

5.45-6.45pm Pregnancy (from 14 weeks)

6.50-8.00pm Slow Flow

THURSDAY 10th July - 31st July

6.30-7.45pm Vinyasa Flow

SUNDAY 6th July - 27th July

6.30pm - 8.00pm Sunday Chill - Mixed ability Vinyasa Flow with extra relaxation 

Classes must be booked and paid for in advance the week prior to commencement. Please let me know via email which class you would like to attend by emailing or book in class.
Students may opt into an alternative class in advance if they know they are unable to attend on their usual class day at the time of booking. If you can't make a session please talk to me :)

By bank transfer, cash or cheque, contact me for details. Payment in advance to qualify for block booking discount rate. 
Classes cost £7 per drop-in session or £6 if booked in a block. 
This block of classes costs £24. I have increased the price of classes by 25p this block. 
If you attend more than one class a week please take a 10% discount from the class fees. 

New to Class?
Please email me prior to coming to class and I will send you a registration form and class info which includes directions. I am always happy to answer questions so please get in touch. Previous students are not required to fill out a registration/disclaimer form if they have already done so and nothing has changed since their last class. 

Treat yourself - summer colds 
With the variable weather we have been experiencing lately, I've been receiving requests for advice on treating summer colds. 
A traditional home remedy is honey and grated ginger. Ginger root is freely available from supermarkets, simply grate, pour on boiling water and leave to steep until cool enough to drink. Add a couple of teaspoons of honey, stir and drink. 
Honey is antimicrobial and helps to combat the germs, whilst the ginger is a circulatory stimulant, aiding detoxification by helping the body to sweat.
If you can still find elderflowers these make a highly effective treatment for colds. Simply steep in just boiled water, covered, until cool enough to drink. Elder is antimicrobial and again aids sweating. 
Natural remedies support the body in it's own detoxification process, a temperature and sweating are the body's highly effective mechanism for combating nasties. Avoiding paracetamol and ibuprofen which artificially reduce the temperature, can help reduce the length of your cold by allowing the body to utilise all it's natural defences and bring the body back to health sooner. Make sure you are consuming a diet high in fresh food and Vitamin C also.
Common sense must prevail here, if you are worried about the rate a someone's temperature is rising, or how high it is (especially a child), consult a GP asap. 

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding please consult a healthcare professional prior to taking home remedies. 

If you would like to discuss utilising plant remedies to support your health please contact me to arrange a consultation. I make bespoke herbal medicines for individuals. Further information can be found here

Further Information..... 
All information about classes and natural therapies can be found here, as well as photos! Please share with your friends.
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