Goju Ryu Kenkyukai October 2015
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And now that 2019 is well underway....

We've been busy. Taira sensei has been travelling the world running seminars, and there have been a few new dojo join the Okinawa Goju Ryu Kenkyukai. Maybe in a 'real soon now' we'll aim to get some dojo profiles going again..... Cambodia? Adelaide? Geel? 

We have started putting video material from Taira Sensei's seminars, and some of the old content on to the YouTube! channel. Since this will be public and near-permanent we'll try to put it up slowly, curate it sufficiently to give people  a sequence or at least related collections, and build an audience. As usual this is a volunteer effort and we're not in an enormous hurry, we're working on getting it right. 

There is a lot of material out there these days of Taira Sensei's material. Lots of praise to those that have absorbed the material, and popularizing it. But the originator is Masaji Taira Hanshi and he's definitely thinking and developing all the time. That's why a lot of us go to seminars over and over and over again. It changes and improves. It also gets easier to understand with practice. 

In the meantime, go to for video content. We expect that it will whet your appetite for more, and the best place for that is a seminar with Taira Sensei. 

We've put all the current seminar posters in this current message. The posters are all also on and they should be kept up to date. Contact the seminar promoters if you want to attend. And remember, attending a seminar is a prerequisite for beginning the process of joining the Okinawa Goju Ryu Kenkyukai, and membership is a prerequisite for applying for Jun Shibu status. 

We've had a YouTube! channel for ages at We didn't put a lot of content there for a long time - a few snippets, a few teasers. We've rethought what we want there and we're starting to put up the content from the old site, and few seminar videos.

There are links to full USA and NZ seminars, and selected items from the old site. We've also put together a bit of an introductory video at this link.  We will add more content as we get around to classifying it and maybe editing it a little bit.  

Share the link, share the video around, but please always attribute Taira Sensei, the Okinawa Goju Ryu Kenkyukai and reference the YouTube! channel and our web site
Membership Updates
We need to reiterate to those that have asked, membership is either through your dojo; or as a member, Jun Shibu or Shibu by application in person at a seminar. As we have said before, we need to get to know you, and you need to get to know us. You won't be joining us as an online group, and you are expected to 'fit in'. We can't know without meeting you, and more than once. 

As for visiting Okinawa, at this time Taira Sensei is no longer taking visitors to his dojo in Okinawa. Taira sensei has expressed a need for downtime - for his own training, for his health and so he has time to prepare for the seminars.

All seminar applications need to go through  regional representatives or Glenn. Be prepared for the answer to be "No", or "Later"!
That's the lot. Seminar announcements, membership information, video information.  We'll update when something else exciting happens. There are 366 people subscribed to this list. That isn't a whole lot. There are 789 subscribed to the YouTube! channel -- we'd probably like that to be in the thousands. Let is know on FB or the comments on YouTube! how it all looks. We do read the messages, though there really aren't that many.

Oh -- that 'we' up there: that's a group of senior Okinawa Goju Ryu Kenkyukai shibu, but it isn't Taira sensei himself. Just so you know. 
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