July 28, 2014
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It's Dark Down There

A True Story

Scotty had spent many years translating the New Testament for the Sharanahua people of Peru. One day Scotty led one of the older men in the Sharanahua village to Christ.  Soon after that the man died.  As they were laying him in the ground, another older man came along side Scotty and commented, "Its dark down there, isn't it?"
The man had a slight tremble in his voice.  Scotty knew what was on his mind.  The Sharanahuas were traditionally animists.  The animists of the Amazon have a fear of darkness.  They seldom venture out at night.  They hate dark places.  Spirits that inhabit the animals, the trees, and the water use the darkness to attack their victims to bring sickness and death.  Scotty could tell this man was thinking of the day he would be put in a dark hole and confront the terrifying world of the spirits.
Scotty said, "Yes, it’s dark where they are putting his body.  But his spirit is going to a place where it is never dark." 
The man was startled.  "Do you mean there is a place where it never gets dark?"
Scotty told him, "Yes, your friend here gave his life over to Jesus, and Jesus has taken him to where it is never dark."
The old man thought a moment and asked, "Have you known for a long time about this place?"
"Yes, I've known it since I was a boy."
"Did your father know about it?
"Yes, my father knew too."
After a long pause he asked again, "Did your ancestors know about this place."
"Yes," Scotty had to answer, "my ancestors new about the place."
"I'm an old man," he said, "and I never heard about that place.  My ancestors never heard about it and they all died."
The man just stood, looking into the hole.  He was too polite to ask the next question, but Scotty could read it in his eyes, "If, there is such a place, why did we not know about it?"

     - Shared by Eugene (Scotty) Scott, Bible Translator
       working among the Sharanahua people in Peru.
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