April 21, 2015 -- FAQs
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Bible Is Not Available in
57% of World Languages;

Most Americans Believe the Bible Is Available in Every Language

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Dear Family and Friends,

Wow, the above statistic breaks our hearts.  This is the very reason that we feel passionate to serve the mission of Bible translation with Wycliffe Bible Translators.  On July 22nd our home in PNG will be full of teenagers ready to start the next school term.  If we are not at full financial support we won't be approved to leave. Our hope is to leave in early June so that we can train with the current staff before they depart for a yearlong visit stateside. Please join us in this call to support Bible translation through caring for teens of translators - it takes a team!  

We are in great need of prayer and on-going financial partners to come alongside us in this Wycliffe ministry.  If you are considering partnering, please let us know.  Every contribution and moment in prayer is a huge blessing to us! 

Kari & Cassidy

We wanted to briefly share answers to some frequently asked questions about our move to PNG:

WHEN: Our hope is to leave in early June 2015.
WHERE: Papua New Guinea, an island above Australia.
LENGTH: We will be in PNG for 2  years.
NEEDS: We need prayer and on-going financial partners in our Wycliffe ministry.

INTERNET: Yes, we will have internet access (limited).
POWER: Yes, we will have electricity in the home.
WATER: We'll drink filtered rain water, and wash with river water.
AGES: We will care for a dozen Jr. and Sr. high teens.
LANGUAGE: We'll speak English in our home.  Tok Pisin is the local language we'll learn.

BIBLE: PNG has over 350 unique languages with zero portions of the Bible in their language.
This is the center we'll live at in Ukarumpa, PNG.
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Join us in prayer! April Prayer Connection
 For incredible progress to bring our budget level to 100% in the next 4 weeks!
 For God to move before us in preparing our transitions: school, work, relationships, packing/moving.
  For strength and encouragement to push against resistance and doubt as we prepare for this life change.
Please prayerfully consider joining our Wycliffe team as a financial partner.  We hope you'll join us in supporting Bible translation!
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Fun Fact: There are about 160 species of frogs in Papua New Guinea.
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To partner financially:
Click here for card or bank transfer; please make checks payable to Wycliffe Bible Translators USA with a separate note stating: "Preference for the Wycliffe ministry of Cassidy & Kari Isch #229212" and mail to: 
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