January 13, 2015 -- Thank You!
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Please join us in celebrating!! We have reached 100% of our relocation budget, which covers the cost of our airfare to Papua New Guinea, moving expenses, visas, work permits, 3-month orientation, and immunizations!

Our next goal is to seek out individuals and organizations who will partner financially in our Wycliffe Ministry in an on-going monthly basis.  If you or someone you know might be interested, please let us know or click here to be taken to our secure Wycliffe donation site.  You can view our partnership tree percentage below.
The story below, reminds us that often the fruit of our labor is not seen right away, but possibly several years down the road and in forms that we had not anticipated.  We are confident that God will use our hearts and talents in ways that we never imagined while in Papua New Guinea.  

Our work as Boarding Home Parents will certainly be unique, ever-changing, and impactful as we share in daily life with the teens of missionaries.  We are excited about the call God has placed on our hearts and we are thrilled to know that we will be helping teens through some defining years of their development.  We may or may not see the fruit of our labor while in the home, but we know that we will be planting seeds! 

We are so grateful that you want to journey with us!

Kari & Cassidy    

Liberated Equipment

A True Story

Bruce and Jan Benson are translators among the Quechua people of Peru.  In May of 1989 Bruce and Jan were visiting Quechua villages when they were stopped by a group of armed terrorists.  The militants forced them out of their vehicle and interrogated them for several terrifying hours.  Finally, after arguing among themselves whether or not the captives should be executed, the leaders of the group decided to "liberate" the car and equipment and let the Bensons go.
Part of their equipment was a film projector and films of the life of Christ.  The terrorists wanted the projector.  Bruce suggested the projector wouldn't be much use without the films.  He secretly prayed they would view the films and the Holy Spirit would touch their lives.
Just a year later Jan met a young man in Lima, now a believer, who had been a member of that same terrorist group.  He told how he had been a hardened criminal, accustomed to looting, beating, and killing.  He had been caught and jailed.  In jail he came under conviction.  Part of the graffiti on the walls declared the power of Christ.  He prayed, "Lord, if you really exist, save me and I will serve you." 
Only when Jan met this man did she learn of the impact of the projector and films that were taken by the terrorists.  Over 700 of them saw the films and many were deeply moved by the message.  The young man himself had been hardened to the message at the time, but God used it in his life later while he was in prison.
Now as a Christian, he wants to become a pastor and evangelist.  God is still using the message of the films in the lives of the men in that guerrilla camp.

     - Shared by Jan Benson, Bible Translator 
       working among the Quechua People in Peru.
 Pray for guidance in seeking willing partners to join our Wycliffe ministry.
  Pray for endurance and focus as Cassidy strives to finish his dissertation by April.
  Praises for God's provision and faithfulness along this journey to get us to PNG!
  Praises for God's answer to prayer as we made many memories with family and friends over the holidays.
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Fun Fact: The town we'll live in, Ukarumpa, is 6 degrees below the equator.
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