November & December 2015 Newsletter
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Hi Family & Friends!

Wishing you all a very merry holiday season!  We hope you were able to spend time with loved ones over Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s.  We certainly missed home as this was our first time being so far from family.  However, we have an amazing community of friends here in Papua New Guinea who invited us over for meals and fellowship, provided homemade sweet treats, and cheerfully checked in with us.  We were also incredibly blessed to be able to Skype home with our families.
During Christmas all departments here on the Ukarumpa Center close down for at least 2 weeks.  It was a little adjustment to need to get all your shopping, air travel, and questions answered before folks put up the “closed” sign and disconnected from their emails.  We are anxiously awaiting the post office to reopen on the 7th in hopes that our mail will be delivered from Port Moresby (as aviation was also closed during the break). 
Thank you for your prayers for our teens as they completed final exams and projects before the break.  We were extremely proud that all our teens finished their semester exceptionally well.  The teens joyfully rejoined their families for the holidays a few weeks ago and will return to our home on January 18th.
We are also excited to announce that our co-partners and new children’s home parents, Tim and Codi Gauci, will arrive in Ukarumpa with their two daughters on January 6th!  We have been busy celebrating and preparing for their arrival. 
The arrival of the Gauci’s also marks our departure to the Pacific Orientation Course (POC).  This is a 3-month course that will help us adjust to life in Papua New Guinea: studying the culture and history, learning the local trade language (Tok Pisin), practicing skills for living in a village, partaking in several hikes and a mile swim in the ocean, all culminating in a 4-week stay in a village.  Most missionaries attend this course when they first land in country, however, our attendance was postponed because of the immediate need for us to run the children’s home.
We will leave for POC in late January and will be gone until late April.  Our communication during this time will be limited due to time and access to internet.  In order to fully engage in the course, build relationship, and find ample rest, we have decided to suspend Snapshot Sundays and monthly prayer calendars for the duration of the training.  Expect to see pictures of POC and our village stay in May!
As we usher in 2016, we wanted to share a colorful document outlining Bible translation statistics for 2015 (click here).  We pray that next year’s statistics reveal a vast reduction in the 3,995 languages with zero Scripture translated into their heart-language (the language a person internally thinks, dreams, and feels emotion with).  Thank you for your partnership and support in Bible translation, we are ever grateful for your role in this ministry! 
We love you and look forward to hearing from you soon!
With love and gratitude,
Kari & Cassidy
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