Monday, June 30, 2014
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180 Million Bibleless

While Kari and I toured the Discovery Center at the Wycliffe headquarters in Orlando, we got to experience some amazing sights and displays about Bible translation. One of the first sights is a row of 10 fully dressed, life-sized statues. Each one is from a language group where Wycliffe either has finished a translation or is currently working on a translation. The plaque for each statue describes the language, the country, and the population of current speakers. There is also a ribbon with John 3:16 written in the specific language for each represented statue. You can then hear the spoken language of that culture by pressing a button by each statue. An overwhelming feeling of gratitude came over us knowing that the people groups represented had the Bible translated into their spoken heart language.
At the end of the 10 statues, there is a space for another statue, but this space is empty. This represents about 1,900 languages still waiting to receive God’s Word. There are approximately 180 million people that have no portion of the Scripture in their spoken language. No one should have to learn another language to hear and read God's word. Because of the urgency of this problem, Wycliffe has adopted Vision 2025. This goal is to have a Bible translation process started in all the remaining languages still needing one by the year 2025.
We're excited about the ministry that God has called us to as Boarding Home Parents. We'll be taking care of the every-day needs of translators' children, allowing the parents to focus on translation work in the villages of Papua New Guinea.
Please pray for the remaining people groups that still need translation. Also, pray that our partnership team would come together quickly. 
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