June 2015 Newsletter
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Hi Family & Friends!

We made it!!  It is amazing to sit and reflect on our journey to Papua New Guinea over the last 3 years and to realize that we’ve now been on PNG soil almost 2 weeks!  We are humbled by God’s provision, and your faithfulness and love.  Thank you!

We adjusted to the 17-hour time difference relatively quickly, which has allowed us to train for our new roles and check-out our new community.  Since arriving to Ukarumpa we’ve been able to partake in a few events: high school graduation, Soul Purpose (youth group), two church services, and Ukarumpa orientation.  We were very blessed that our arrival date allowed us the opportunity to meet four of the teens who will be living in our home before they left for school break!

So far we’ve cooked very little and have been invited over to homes for meals and fellowship.  Life here in Ukarumpa moves at a slower pace and is very relational; this will certainly be an adjustment for our go-go-go mentalities.  Another difference is the only grocery store closes at 4:00pm and is not open on the weekends.  One fun surprise was seeing Sunny Select food products on the store shelves, which has been shipped in from the US!

On Sundays we’ll be posting on our website “Snapshot Sunday” pictures.  Our hope is to include you along this journey and give you glimpses into our life in PNG through pictures we take.

Email is the best way to get in contact with us, as it is free.  Other internet communication or surfing, like Facebook, costs 2.5 cents for every megabyte sent or received… so our presence there may be minimal.  Please email us, we look forward to staying in communication with you!

Love & Blessings,
Kari & Cassidy
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