November 4, 2014 -- God Speaks English
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Language is closely tied to culture and identity.  Translating the Bible into minority languages lets people know that they matter to God and that He speaks their language.

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God speaks English. We believe this with our whole hearts, but what gives us this belief?  We believe this because we can see and read God's Word in English, we can hear about God in English, we can sing praises to God in English.  There is zero doubt in our minds that God speaks English.  When we take a step back to think about "why" God speaks English, our conclusion is because someone valued our culture enough to translate the Bible into English.  And mind you, this only happened in 1384.

We feel called to support Bible Translation because we know there is true eternal value in hearing God speak your own language.  God speaks all languages of the world and we want to help the Bibleless people know without-a-doubt that God speaks their language too.  God values them, their culture, their community, and their language.    

We are seeking individuals, organizations, and churches who want to take this journey with us and bring God's Word to those in scriptural darkness.  If you are interested, but unsure of how you can join us, we'd love to talk with you!  Please reply to this email and we will get in contact with you.  If you know someone who may be interested in our ministry, please forward our email to them or send us their contact information.

Thank you for all of your love, support, and prayers.  We feel incredibly blessed by those who have already joined our Home Team!  We are passionate about what God has called us to and want to invite you to join with us!

Cassidy & Kari    
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Recognize us??  We got haircuts!  Kari donated a foot of her hair to Locks of Love.
 Pray for our friends whose 4 year old son is dying from unknown medical issues.
  Pray for the Bibleless Elkei language group of Papua New Guinea.
  Praise that Cassidy's dissertation committee signed off on his proposal and he can move forward with his research.
  Praise that we've been able to have wonderful visits with our family from all over California over the last month.
Fun Fact: Papua New Guinea averages 79-196 inches of rainfall yearly.
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