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Hi <<First Name>>,
This is the fifth edition of my roundup series which focuses on online tools that can help you with client management.

Being on the same page as your clients or team members is vital to making sure things get done and the project stays on task. In this edition, you'll find introductions to my favorite online tools that will help you track to-dos and accounting, manage projects, and collaborate virtually. 

You may find that these tools help you solve a problem in your business or you may need to keep looking for a different type of solution. The good news is that many of them have a great free option or trial period that allows you to try before you buy.

Good luck!

I'm currently on maternity leave, so if you're new to my list, welcome!

Over the next few months I'll be delivering a roundup of my best content to help you ignite your business and take it to the next level.

Find something really useful? Looking for something different? Hit reply and let me know. While I won't be able to respond immediately, I'd love to hear from you.

What is Wunderlist?

A simple, powerful tool that will keep you focused

For a simple to-do list that you can access everywhere, Wunderlist might be the online tool for you.
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What is Dropbox?

An easy shared file system that you can access at work and on-the-go

If you work with a virtual team, find out how Dropbox can help you share and collaborate on files, and you'll never have to ask what is Dropbox again!
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What is Basecamp?

And how it can help you collaborate and stay organized on projects

Make working and collaborating on a project so much easier with Basecamp.
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What is Freshbooks?

And how it helps you take your accounting online

There are many online accounting programs out there today, check out why Freshbooks might be the right accounting tool for your business.
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My Year in Numbers

The Required Year-End Wrap Up Post

At the end of 2015 I put together all the numbers that showed how I conducted business throughout the year, and even I was surprised by some of them!
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