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This is a short newsletter because I was away on vacation in the US for most of May (my little brother got married!) so there's only one blog post instead of two.

But this post packs some punch with my second inspiring women business owners interview with my friend and client Robin Meloy Goldsby. Check out the interview below!

Summer has started, do have plans to travel or catch up on your business? Reply and let me know.


Inspiring Women Business Owners Interview:
Robin Meloy Goldsby

Get to know this talented pianist, composer and author

Inspiring Women Business Owners: Robin Meloy GoldsbyThis is the second edition of this series of interviews with inspiring women business owners. They also happen to be clients of mine who I know personally and professionally. Through my own virtual assistant business I get to help them reach their business goals.

This interview is with my friend and client, Robin Meloy Goldsby, a talented pianist, composer and author. While she is not a typical small business owner, she and her husband do own a publishing company so that they can control all the rights to their creative content. Learn more about her creative passions, how she keeps all the pieces of her career and business running, and the worst piece of advice she's ever received.

On to the interview...

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I always reference Nikki Elledge Brown's About Page Recipe (pdf) and suggest it to clients who are writing or re-writing their About page. Good luck with yours!

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