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In this issue I hope you'll learn about some new things: first, Basecamp, a project management tool that is great for virtual teams, and second, guest blogging, which is when someone besides a the blog owner writes content for a blog.

Whether you are looking to find new customers or communities, or you want to get organized, these two resources should put you on the right path.

As we finish out spring, what are you working on? Let me know by replying to this email, I love to hear from my readers.


What is Basecamp?

Learn more about this project management tool which is ideal for virtual teams

What is BasecampGetting ready for your next project but dreading the back-and-forth emails, missed deadlines and lost files? This time give Basecamp a try to keep your project communication, collaboration and information all in one place. Of all the online project management tools out there, for bigger projects that involve several people Basecamp is my favorite.
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How to Find More Customers With Guest Blogging

What it is and how to do it right

How to Find More Customers with Guest BloggingA blog is a great online marketing tool for any business, especially those who are virtual, for many reasons. But sometimes your audience is limited to fans who subscribe to your posts or newsletter or follow you on social media. So how do you reach new audiences, communities and customers? One answer could be guest blogging.
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Quick Tip #1

Beyond Your Blog

I mention Beyond Your Blog in my blog post, How to Find More Customers with Guest Blogging, as the go-to resource for finding opportunities to submit your writing. Susan, the owner, has lists, resources and personal accounts for getting it right when you guest blog or submit contributions to blogs or online news sources.

Highly suggested to get her newsletter if guest blogging makes sense for your business.

Quick Tip #2

The Freelance to Freedom Project

Another resource I've followed from the beginning of my self-employment journey, Freelance to Freedom has free resources, a Facebook group, a weekly newsletter and self-paced courses to help you get started on your own and to help you reach your goals.

Archive Quick Tip

Share Link Generator

You've probably seen those generated social media links on blog posts or sales pages that allow you to click once and a nicely composed Tweet or Facebook post is ready for you to share.

Well now you can create your own with this tool: Share Link Generator.

In put the information required for each social network and then once the link is generated copy and paste the URL only link, and put it behind a button or in a link, like that in "Tweet this!": 

Just discovered the Share Link Generator to make my own share links. Thanks @SparkVA! Tweet this!
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