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Thank you to all of you who took my survey; with your help I have updated my newsletter a little bit and I've planned out my blog posts and newsletter content for the rest of 2016... yay!

Now, under each blog post, you'll see a suggested pre- or post-read blog post from my archive. I hope this will help you discover my past content and improve your online marketing strategy.

Also, below the two new Quick Tips, you'll see an Archive Quick Tip, so if you're new to my newsletter you can still benefit from the tips I've shared in the past. I hope you like the changes!

For blog posts: learn more about Typeform, an easy form-creating program, and then if you're unsure of which social media network to use, I've put together a comparison of the main networks to help you decide. You'll find information about who hangs out on each network, what you should post there and how often.

Happy reading and have a great February!


What is Typeform?

Make customized, branded forms for all aspects of your business

What is Typeform?

I love surveys. I love finding out what people think and using that information to make better decisions. I also love forms. I use forms all throughout the stages of my business, including bringing on a new client and getting feedback from them once a project is over. And I love setting up forms for clients and my pro bono clients because they also need to know what their customers and members (in a club or organization setting) are thinking.

In general, I use Google Forms the most because all of the data collects into a spreadsheet that I can view and process later, plus it’s easy to use and they recently added more themes and customizations to the style and look. And it connects to my Gmail, where I am all day long.

But, I’ve been branching out lately and am loving Typeform. Their tagline is “Forms Done Awesomely” and I have to agree. Keep reading to find out why and how they can help your business.

Take me to the forms

Suggested Post-Read

A Social Media Network Comparison

Start creating or updating your social media strategy with this overview

A Social Media Nework Comparison

As a small business owner or freelancer, you wear all of the business hats: you do the client work, manage the finances, implement online marketing, and possibly manage contractors and/or virtual assistants. You don't have time to be everywhere to every person, and that's especially true with social media.

With all of the various social media networks out there, it may seem overwhelming about which you should be using. Many big companies have a presence on all networks, but that's not really realistic for the rest of us. So how do you decide which network to focus on?

Let's compare

Suggested Post-Read

Quick Tip #1


When you need to send large files (usually more than 25 MB won't go through email), try WeTransfer. It allows you to send up to 2 GB to multiple recipients via email or through a download link. 

You'll have to keep your browser tab open while it uploads, but you can get your friend or colleague those files easily! 

Quick Tip #2

The Useletter

A must-read newsletter in my inbox, The Useletter has great tips for online tools, social media information, marketing trends and ideas, and up-to-date internet news. Amy Lynn Andrews is a former virtual assistant who keeps up this weekly newsletter, and if you work on the web or use the internet at all, you'll find this newsletter useful.
The Useletter

Archive Quick Tip

Awesome Screenshot

Don't use your Print Screen button any longer. Get the "Awesome Screenshot" extension for Chrome and have multiple screen grabbing options at your fingertips.

In your Chrome browser, head to "Settings" (from the top right hamburger menu button) then click on "Extensions" from the top left menu. Search for "Awesome Screenshot" and install it.

When you're ready to use it, click on the icon there in your tool bar and you'll see the list of options below...amazing! Then you can add circles, arrows, texts, and other shapes to the screenshot before you save it.
Awesome Screenshot
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