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Hi <<First Name>>,

Just a quick note in a non-newsletter week (it's coming to you on February 8th, don't miss it!) to let you know that I have a fun printable called "The Ultimate Checklist for Amazing Blog Posts" that I'm going to be sharing a lot in the coming weeks.
But, as my newsletter readers, I want to give it to you first! You can download either the A4 version or the letter version, print it and cut it out and stick it on your bulletin board, in your notebook or on your desk. It's always nice to have something in your hand!

You may see the link to it on my social media networks, but you won't be able to "sign up" and get it that way, since you're already on my list. So, if you want it grab it with the links above or below. :)

And I would be really grateful if you would share the link with your friends or colleagues, especially if they blog for business or as a hobby! You can copy and paste this link to them or share it on social media:

I really appreciate it!

Have a great week.

p.s. Here are the links again to get your copy of the Ultimate Checklist:
A4 Size (International)
Letter Size (USA)
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