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Welcome back to school, back from vacation, or back to fall in this almost-over-2016! 

It's been interesting for me blogging only once a month this summer and with my workload picking up, I've decided I'm going to keep this pace. It works for me and my schedule and of course if I want to write an extra blog post, I know where to do so.

Have you made any changes to your business model or planning so far this year? Reply and let me know.

In this month's post, I delve into the hard work of social media: engaging with your audience. I provide some tips on how to minimize the time-suck on social media (i.e. when you start browsing Facebook and then realize 2 hours have gone by!) and the overwhelm about what to do when you get there.

Have fun!


5 Ways You Should Be Engaging on Social Media

This is how you make an impact with your audience

5 Ways You Should Be Engaging on Social MediaSocial media can be a tricky tool for business owners. It's generally free, fairly easy to use if you use it personally, and can help you establish your brand. However, many business owners are still frustrated with it because they don't see the results they think they should see, like lots of likes and comments or a regular increase in followers. So what's usually happening to cause this stagnation? My guess would be it's the amount and type of engagement you're building into your social media strategy that is lacking.
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Quick Tip #1

Adobe Color

When you're working with colors for your brand or a design for a client, it's helpful to have the color wheel at your finger tips, and that's what you get with Adobe Color, plus a lot more!

Adobe Color features a huge color wheel, options to seek out multiple color combinations (like complementary, monochromatic and triad), the ability to see out color themes created by others, and upload a photo and get the colors from that image.

Then when you decide on your color palette, you can get all of the color codes needed for those colors. You can save the theme if you have an Adobe account and refer back to it when needed.

Quick Tip #2

If you're a font nerd like me or you do design work where you need to find the perfect font, it can be a huge hassle to try them out font by font on your project.

But no more! Introducing which loads all of the fonts on your computer and presents them in the text of your choosing. See below for the first dozen fonts on my computer with my business name. This definitely made it into my most-used bookmarks.

Archive Quick Tip

Calendly for Scheduling Calls and Appointments

I wrote about this app last year and I have to say that I upgraded and now pay for Calendly and it's been such a great investment for my business.

It syncs with my Google work calendar and offers new or current clients the ability to choose their preferred Skype call time from my calendar. I've set up only the times I want to offer calls which means I can plan my work week more efficiently.

This is a HUGE time saver since there are no more back-and-forth emails trying to decide on an hour to talk.

I use the free version so I only have one type of "event" (a 60-minute call) with the paid version you can have multiple events, customize reminder emails and descriptions and more. <--I've got all this stuff now!

Check out the setup for my 60-minute call, and consider implementing this if you do a lot of scheduling with contacts and clients.
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