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Hi <<First Name>>,
Happy New Year! I hope your 2016 has started well.

After a nice long vacation, I've got my year planned out for my business, but I would love it if you'd consider taking my newsletter reader survey if you haven't already done so. It should only take you about 5 minutes. Thanks to you did it already!

If you haven't already planned out your year, I'd love to give you a small gift to get your planning juices flowing: a 2016 PDF calendar laid out in weeks:

2016 Weeks Calendar

It's a two-page printable PDF so you can plan out your online marketing strategy. Make note of holidays, vacations and more and feel confident that 2016 will be a great year for you and your business. I'm only sharing this with you, my newsletter readers!

Additionally, I want to give you the opportunity to work with me if you've been thinking about it. Check out my New Year's offer for new clients (and current clients) below and hit reply if you want to get started!

There's only one blog post this time, but in February I'll be back to two again.

Have a great start to 2016!

Thinking about working with a virtual assistant, but unsure of the commitment or how it might go? Then take the advantage of my 2016 New Year's Offer and get
  • 16% off your first month of ongoing customized support OR
  • 16% off your first project quoted at over €100
This is only available to new clients who haven't worked with me before. But, I want to share the New Year's offer with my current clients, too:
  • If you refer me to a new client who starts working with me (with ongoing support or a project over €100) you'll get 16% off YOUR next invoice!
The holidays are over and it's time to get your business growing in the new year. Check out how I can support your business and think about how you'd like to generate more business and get more time to focus in 2015.

Then hit reply and let's get your business growing online!

*Contract terms must be agreed to before February 19, 2016 for the offer to apply.

One Tool to Slim Down Your Online Marketing Strategy

Refocus your strategy and get more clients in 2016

One Tool to Slim Down Your Online Marketing Strategy

The topic of this post may not be what you think with the title. I’m not going to give you a smaller calendar or tell you batch or reuse your content. In this post I want to convince you to track exactly from where your clients found you so that you can refocus your marketing strategy and find more clients.

With a new year, we make resolutions to stop bad habits or slim down our waistlines, and in this case you’ll be stopping a bad habit (trying to market to everybody) and slimming down your online marketing plan. With some consistent tracking, you could make a huge difference in how you market your business online or in-person, saving time and gaining more clients. Let’s get started!

I'm ready to slim down my marketing

Quick Tip #1

Customize MailChimp Autoresponder Emails

If you use MailChimp, you can customize the pages and emails that are sent to someone when they want to sign up (known as autoresponders or the double confirmation process).

The normal design is a bland gray background and text title, but you can add images, change colors and fonts and make sure the signup process feels like your brand.
  1. Within MailChimp, go to Lists then click on the List name
  2. Click on Signup forms then General forms
  3. There you'll see a preview of the form and page/email. Use the drop down menu to pick which item to customize, then use Build it, Design it and/or Translate it to make it look like your brand!

Quick Tip #2

TinyPNG and TinyJPG

Any time you upload an image to your website or email newsletter program, it should be as small a file as possible. You can do this by compressing the image.

TinyPNG and TinyJPG do this extremely well and make sure that the quality of your image isn't lost with compression.

Upload your image to their easy uploader and in a few seconds your image is ready to be downloaded with significantly less "weight". This means that your website will run faster and your emails will open quicker.

*Note that you can do both .png and .jpg files at either URL ( or
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