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Welcome to the 2nd quarter of 2016!

I had a great time at the FAWCO Interim Meeting last month and I've been getting more involved with communications and other things with FAWCO since then. I think it's always important to give back and this is my favorite pro-bono work.

I also completed my web design professional certificate program that I was working on for most of last year, yay! I learned so much but I'm glad I have my evenings back. :)

For your blog selection this month we have:
  • something if you want to improve your blog posts
  • something if you are thinking about becoming a virtual assistant yourself
  • something if you want to start building an email contact list.
April always seems to be my busiest month of the year....bring it on!

What are your spring plans for your business? Hit reply and let me know.


5 Blog Post Elements You Don't Want to Forget

That will help your posts be more easily shared and read

5 Blog Posts Elements You Don't Want to ForgetBlogging is one piece of the whole online marketing puzzle, but it’s an important one because it provides a number of benefits to your business.

In a nutshell, if you enjoy writing articles you should be blogging for your business. I’ve written some posts before about blogging (a checklist for setting up one and 70 ideas if you’re having writer’s block) and I’ve been blogging regularly for over a year. Sometimes it’s tough to stick to my schedule but I’m seeing results and getting feedback so I know it’s an important online marketing tool for my business.

Let’s look at the basics of a blog post and then to make sure that your blog has all the important key elements to make it as effective as possible.

Give me the 5

Suggested Pre-Read

How to Know If Being a VA Is Right For You

Read the feedback from 5 VAs on how the got started

How to Know if Being a VA is Right For YouMy journey to becoming a virtual assistant (VA) was an interesting one, but by no means unique. Many VAs get interested in the business when they want to leave a corporate job, need additional income to support their families, or want to be mobile or location-independent.

All in all, I’m almost two years into my business and things are going well. I love sharing my own experiences and knowledge to those who are also considering being a virtual assistant. While many of my blog posts are about working with a VA, they provide guidelines to potential VAs on what to do and not do.

Continuing on this theme, the amazing owners at One Woman Shop recently put together a compilation of feedback through interviews with virtual assistants for people who are interested in the profession. And I was included!

Tell me all about it

Suggested Post-Read

Checklist for Building an Email Contact List

There's no better time than now!

Checklist for Building an Email Contact ListYour list of contacts, those people who have agreed that you can email them, may be your most important online marketing tool. They are people who are interested to hear from you and email is still a consistent method of communication.

But how do you get people to sign up for your list? That's the million-dollar question!

I will take you through the process that will allow you to get set up and able to collect email addresses on your business website. Let's get started.

I'm ready to get started

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Quick Tip #1


In your blog posts or newsletters, it's a good idea to provide some "click to tweet" links because in general people are lazy and although they'd like to share your stuff, sometimes it's just to much work to open Twitter and compose something. So make it really easy for them!

With ClickToTweet, you sign in with your Twitter handle (mine's @SparkVA), compose your tweet and you'll get a link that you can share and let others click on. Like this:

Click to Tweet: Just learned about ClickToTweet from @SparkVA

Then you can track how many people clicked on it. And keep all your ClickToTweets in one place.

Quick Tip #2

Canva Design School Newsletter

If you're interested in design, fonts, colors and layouts, then I highly recommend the Canva Design School Newsletter. Design School is their blog and once a week they sent their latest posts and they are beautiful and useful.

I'm a big fan of Canva and I love getting design inspiration from them.

Archive Quick Tip

Blog Title Generator

When you need some inspiration for your next blog post or a catchy title for your sign up form freebie, try the Blog Title Generator by Blog About.

You put in your topic, browse through a list of magnetic titles, and then save them to a list which can be emailed to you. 

My tip is to create a big list of titles, keep them in one place and then when you need some inspiration, half your work is already done!
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