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Summer continues to march on! Are you getting ready for the fall or still trying to catch up from the spring?

I've been working on a social media workshop for FAWCO clubs and just last week tested it with a small group. I got some good feedback and should be able to launch it this fall. Yay!

Keeping with the pared down theme of summer, your blog post this month is about one of my favorite online tools, Dropbox. I keep all my client files there so I can access them wherever I am. Have you used Dropbox before?

If you're on vacation, I wish you a relaxing time. If you're working away, I hope you can get everything on your to-do list accomplished!


What is Dropbox?

An easy document sharing and collaboration tool

What is DropboxAs a business owner who works primarily on the web, I need to use online tools that help me collaborate with my clients all around the globe. I've introduced Basecamp and Wunderlist before, two great tools that allow you to collaborate on tasks, and this post's tool is similar but is really focused on shared documents. It no longer makes sense to send documents back and forth via email, so if you are still doing this then you need to check out Dropbox.
Let's go

Suggested Pre-Read

Quick Tip #1

Google Search Console - Crawl URL

Google's search crawlers are going through all the webpages across the internet every minute of every day. They add new webpages to their index and update those with new links or content.

If you have a new website or a webpage that you'd like found immediately, it can be helpful to manually ask Google to add the URL to their index. As they say, they can't guarantee that they will, but it can't hurt either! 

This is helpful when you have a brand new website and want to start getting some traffic.

Quick Tip #2

Pocket Hits

If you collect content to share via a newsletter or social media, I suggest you sign up for Pocket so you can get their bi-weekly Pocket Hits newsletter.

In it you'll find their top-saved stories which give a good idea of what people are reading and talking about at the moment. These are perfect for saving in Pocket for reading later or sharing with your audience.

Archive Quick Tip

Impressum Generator for Germany-based Websites

If you live, work or do business in Germany, it's a very good idea to have an Impressum on your website. You are legally required to have it, but the problem comes from people (or really, trolls) who specifically go after websites that don't have the correct Impressum information.

It can cause big headaches, so just create one with this Impressum Generator (it is all in German) and get it on your website now.

It's where I got mine.
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